1. Blaber dominates on Graves and then have first pickon the blue side and doesn’t pick him at all so they are forced to ban him out like wtf

  2. Bjerg is playing the best of his career these past few months. This guy completely carried TSM into the playoffs and past GG in the reverse sweep. Just curious how long he can keep this up for. I’m not a huge TSM fan but I do really like Bjerg. Loved TSM back in Season 2 with The Rain Man and Chaox.

  3. Surprises me Riot is so idiotic to play Worlds in China. You can choose so many other countries, yet you choose the one country who fucked the world. Great job Riot, well done.

  4. I’m fan of lck, i hope lck achieves results this worlds but lpl looks so strong. How about lec?
    What do you guys think lck vs lec?
    To be careful, I think lck would be a little more advantageous. (I’m not sure, but for now, Damwon Drx gen.g is very likely to go to the worlds.)

  5. Just from the first highlight is skinks of NA. Flash for a lucian with no mana? Galio ult when the jungle is on the way. Lmao. Weird.


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