1. 7:34 spica is so bad he smited baron at 2373 hp after flashing into the pit. One could argue he was banging on blaber panic smiting or something but at that time blaber was literally outside the pit. Pls pls pls remove spica from the roster PLEASE

    • Guys chill its all judgement based and decision making at that point in time. Looking back retrospectively doesn’t really help

    • It’s not even a misclick he just didn’t get to do the full combo as he flashed and E’d sett ulted him making his execute no value until blaber got the baron

  2. I knew this will happen, C9 forget humbleness early this season C9 talks trash to other team that no one would or can defeat them aside from TL and see where they are now, Jack deserves this… im not tsm fan. I’m a TL fan, glad to see C9 crying

  3. Love it, C9 back to their losing ways again! TSM/Flyquest fan but TL is probably the strongest team in NA right now. C9 couldn’t even get top 3 after such a terrific split previously and they started hot this split too but fell harddddd. TL, Fly and TSM is actually a decent lineup to represent us this year but we all know LPL is going to smash everyone…

  4. Idk if licorice is win trading but he’s holding flash too conservatively. There are situations where he could’ve flashed to buy time for his team to collapse.


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