• @Davey M Do you watch the full game?
      LS is color caster his job is to analyst not narrated teamfight
      and since this is highlights of course it will mostly consists of teamfight

    • Just that it’s midnight when they casted game 5 so he can’t be loud or else he’ll disturb the ppl living in the apartments(and being loud at midnight can lead to the police coming in Korea). Lots of game delay, technical issues that made the entire series last longer than it should’ve

  1. There’s definitely one thing that needs to be nerfed after watching the LCK. It’s the casters moaning sounds he makes whenever something happens. I watch less and less every time hes casting because hes damn screams so damn annoying.

  2. The best comeback in LCK but DRX don’t strong like group stage , I think DWG 3-1or3-2. #GoDRX I hope they can out play in final even so hard.

    • Gg Ez nahh t1 lost 3 inhibs, kt got dr and br yet t1 wins. I think thats the best comeback coming from a great deficit and advantage in objectives.


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