1. Rascal is only solid playing with ornn, also while baby sitting by clid. Since the start of the season he was smashing top lane with ornn, nothing but ornn. Well maybe sett i guess. Geng will get punished for their top laner during international tournaments if hes only good at this champion pool. Lol

  2. kuro plays vel koz so badly, they deserve to lose that. it sucks watching a pro player that doesn’t use extra abilities when he has guarantee of hitting them ( i.e when enemy champ is cc’d for 1 second why not use your q AND w instead of just w ? extra stacks) and also just using ult straight up on sett in that fight. ruler AND BDD straight up OUT CLASSED their counterparts in every game. i guess skt has really gone up in flames to be beaten by this kind of shit play.

  3. This bbd’s azir disgusts me. You probably didnt see faker’s or other pros. You better watch them noobs and tell me.


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