• They’d need to add more Groups at Worlds if you want to give another seed to the LPL since you can’t have 2 teams from the same region in one Group. I’m sure you’re joking but I just wanted to point that out.

  1. Just wasn’t TheShy’s meta, hasn’t been for some time. He really can’t play tanks. Like, what the hell are those items? Upgrading Gauntlet on Ornn gives armor and mana, compared to the value of MR and HP on Abyssal. Does he not know that Voli does mostly magic damage? He’s looking really washed rn. RIP IG.

    Eyy, Peanut.

  2. GGs to LGD and Peanut for qualifying for Worlds! A bit sad that neither IG nor FPX are going to Worlds but this might be TES’ year if the other regions don’t step up.


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