1. 14:09 I was waiting for Uniboy to flash to intercept Galio’s Justice Punch and guarantee the kill. Slow reaction time or fear of a countergank? I don’t think a countergank that close to PSG’s turret would work, so I think it was the former. You gotta expect that as soon as Kindred comes into vision, Galio is going to dash away, so flashing in seems like such an obvious play 🤔. Gotta take advantages when you can, otherwise you waste your jungler’s or other teammate’s time for not much benefit.

    • 16:08 Same exact play! And again, using the knockback to actually help Galio! Wtf Uniboy 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️. End up needing both PSG flashes where, if you would just flash into his Justice Punch, it should take no more than a single flash, even if he flashes out afterward, due to Kindred’s slow and how easy it would be to land Syndra stun and other spells at that point. Seems like Uniboy isn’t thinking ahead at all about how the play is actually going to go down, he just thinks “Jungle gank and we’ll play it from there.” Dude, play this game like a chess match where you think ahead and visualize what’s going to happen. It’s so weird when I know what they should do and they don’t do it multiple times when it’s so obvious like this. This is Worlds.


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