1. Ankelspankin you’re so much fun to watch. you’re funny as hell and your videos always put a smile on my face. Thank you so much and I hope you’re doing well during these hard times.

  2. can’t get a haircut in these trying times, but at least I can still get my favorite League of Legends content at youtube.com/anklespankin

  3. I main Ashe and as soon as the buff to her q came out, Iโ€™ve gone Bork, runans and bloodthirster just because of the life steal you get from max q autos

  4. If you REALLY wanna gain high knowledge in how an ADC SHOULD position then learn to play Kogmaw well. That dude it HARD to play as because you have to be hyper aware and a pro at positioning and it ain’t easy.

  5. Ankle … I feel like you could make a 10 minute long video of us starring at a stationary jar of mayo, and with your commentating you would still get 50k+views!

  6. honestly its debateable weather lethal or hail of blades is better hail of blades offers more lane dominance for snow balling and lethal is good if u have a strong front line that lets you whale on enemy’s

  7. why attack speed over base dmg? isn’t maxing w just much better? Q is good when you have an item or 2 to deal dmg with. Otherwise base dmg and cool down is better on max w


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