1. 1st game was a stomp, 2nd game was a domination, 3rd game was a strong win, maybe if there was a best of 15 MAD Lions would stand a chance, cause they were getting a lil better every game XD

  2. Wtf, that last play by larssan was so obvious, literally 0 mechanics, a fucking bronze azir player can do that. He just had an eye for a good engage, but the “mechanics” to pull that off are so basic lmao, its like the most standard hard engage azir combo, weqflashr…. So fucking overhyperd yikes

  3. I’m fan of lck, i hope lck achieves results this worlds but lpl looks so strong. How about lec?
    What do you guys think lck vs lec?
    To be careful, I think lck would be a little more advantageous. (I’m not sure, but for now, Damwon Drx gen.g is very likely to go to the worlds.)


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