1. 0:00 – Intro
    0:45 – Life Working from Home
    3:38 – Looking Back on 2020 Spring Split
    7:18 – TSM
    14:30 – Patch 10.8, Jungle
    26:49 – Spring Split Playoffs: Evil Geniuses vs FlyQuest
    32:20 – MarkZ’s Cat
    34:10 – Azael’s Dog Chillin’ in the Background
    46:06 – Which Team has a Better Chance vs Cloud9? EG or FLY?
    54:15 – Twitter Question

    • TSM is summed up by game 4&5 vs fly. They destroy them early game, they go back to scaling and int. I think BB lost every aatrox game. Dardoch looks very uncomfortable on sejuani. I am incredibly disappointed that they don’t play to their strengths. Also Kobbe did not look good on aphelios, stick him on something with some form of self peel so he can actually do damage~varus, ashe, ez all have some form of kiting other than relying on range from turrets. They should have banned ornn & left up rakan sett & syndra forcing fly to ban 1 and they get at least one of the ops. Either they get sett for the best sett in the league or they get bjerg or bio on their comfort picks which would be huge.

  2. Zeyzal is not a defensive support. At least not when he came in the scene. He was known for being good at picking fights and engage. But he can seemingly also play the defensive supports

  3. I agree with practice in League is extremely limited; on more for Markz, Starcraft 2 does provide extensions that allows “save states” that allow “reps”, but yes, his viewpoint is a very standard view in sports

  4. the inbuild Timestamps are great! Thank you for that!
    While a lot will be overshadowed by “oh it was online” we shouldn’t forget that the first part was actually in studio and some tendencies were already showing before it was moved to the online games. I like eternals I just will not spent money on the special ones


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