1. 00:04.- Intro
    00:17.- The pandemic’s effect on the LCS and teams
    05:11.- Cloud9’s approach to pursuing their goals despite the circumstances
    11:26.- The path to building an incredible organization
    18:02.- Cloud9’s early roster
    21:39.- Cloud9’s off-season before 2020 Spring Split
    27:34.- Reapered
    31:09.- Cloud9’s previous performance in NA, their international success, and their culture now
    35:50.- Expectations of the 2020 version of Cloud9
    40:40.- Practice in League of Legends vs other sports
    43:48.- Leveling up former Cloud9 players
    45:09.- Jack’s take on Spring Finals in these unusual times
    49:16.- Gratitude and building Cloud9
    51:29.- Playoff predictions

  2. Dash: ….you know. You know…. …you know…. You know. You. Know. You Know….you know…you know…you know….know you know you know. STOP!

  3. I recently watched an interview with Jason Blum of Blumhouse the horror movie studio. He and Jack both have crazy similarities both in their personalities and their background.

  4. this is an Amazing interview. The interviewer, the Interviewee and the content. Fascinating topics and great questions o.o


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