1. Kayle with Stinger, Guinsoos, Kraken Slayer, Rabadons, Runaans, Lich Bane. Runaans applies on hit effects and kayle will get atk spd, tru damage, on hit dmg, and ap from these.

  2. So if you want to figure out what percentage of your CD you have left, do 100 / 100 + Ability Haste. For example, 100 ability haste would be 100 / 200 = .5, so 50% of your CD remaining (50% reduction). 25 ability haste would be 100 / 125 = .8, so your CD is 80% of it’s normal value(20% reduction). Here are some breakpoints I found, and their percentage reduction

    11 ability haste is a 10% reduction
    25 ability haste is a 20% reduction
    33 ability haste is a 25% reduction
    43 ability haste is a 30% reduction
    50 ability haste is a 33.3% (1/3rd) reduction
    66 ability haste is a 40% reduction
    100 ability haste is a 50% reduction
    150 ability haste is a 60% reduction
    200 ability haste is a 66.6% (2/3rd) reduction
    233 ability haste is a 70% reduction
    300 ability haste is a 75% reduction
    400 ability haste is a 80% reduction
    900 ability haste is a 90% reduction

  3. Ankle, the Cleaver does with with Cull. If you watch at 26:45, your culling hits were doing 82 – 99 (as you shredded armor and got him lower in health). And after the first 6 or so hit, you start to see smaller numbers of 18 – 35 (progressively going up as he got lower in health) with each hit. You didn’t have anything other than Cleaver that would make you do extra instances of damage to Ryze, so it had to have been Cleaver proc’ing

  4. Ability Haste is literally just “you can cast abilities X% more often.” 50 Ability Haste means your cooldowns are halved. 75 ability haste means your cooldowns take 1/4 as long. This is infinitely more simple than how CDR worked, as with CDR the more of it you got the more powerful it became, with 40% CDR being 66% faster cooldowns, ya know, because some misguided math major at Riot thought that made sense.


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