1. Remember when all you need to do to beat top is to make sure knight is dead? Those days are gone, with Jackey coming in, he releases so much pressure that has been put on Knight’s shoulders.

  2. 1. FPX (FPX didn’t lose a single series with GimGoon)
    2. IG (IG can be the strongest team in history one day but a meh team another day depends on TheShy and Rookie inting or not)
    3. TES (Perfect 2-0 win against ES showed how strong they are with Jackeylove. Best ADC and 2nd best mid)
    4. JDG (Balanced team with really good jungler and a great mid)
    5. ES (They showed their inconsistency in recent games)
    6. EDG

    • He’s great on Jarvan and good on Trundle, but Tes banned Jarvan and first picked trundle in both games because targeting Wei’s champions pool has been proven effective since VG beat them.


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