1. some of these outplayed clips are getting old. Like the ones when they are usually fed 4+ no deaths and im suppose to be surprised they won a fight.

  2. So because they wear headphones you cant go to their door and knock, like a decent human being. Instead they go and tell the teacher pretty much

  3. For a second there I thought the Graves was trying to steal the Cat
    and was pissed so he just spams abilities

    it was a fucking Teemo

  4. wow, if i was the neighbor, i would of already been chucking shit at him. no one needs to hear an ego-maniac scream all day or night about how everyone else sucks when he loses 1v1s to silver and gold yas’. moe needs to take himself off the throne he thinks hes one before he gets kicked out or he needs to buys his own place and stop mootching off TF and Dom.

  5. can you stop putting turkish ppl in your videos? that language sounds disgusting, they don´t even do good plays. Thank you

  6. I swear I thought the girl at the thumbnail was being choked by a hand generated by her 2 hands channelling the choker hand

  7. Honestly if I was Moe’s neighbour I’d do the same. I’d make a petition to kick him out of the neighbourhood. He should go live in a house like Tyler.

  8. The neighbor was in the right here. I get this is Moe’s job, but he should do it in a way where he respects everyone around him and not fuck up their day. His neighbor is just trying to live a normal life free from disturbance.

  9. Yeah imagine paying thousands of dollars a month for rent to listen to a teenager screech about video games for 16 hrs a day. I’d be pissed too. Be a good neighbor. “Omg lul I made my neighbor rage kekw”

  10. No, he/she did not write about you like you’re a monster or some shit. The complaint letter was %100 reasonable and it made complete sense. You’re loud af.


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