1. Hey guys! Hope you’re doing fine during these terrible times with everything going on. This is only one time comment from me about the sponsor in the video. It’s my ONLY source of income. I have no other way to monetize my videos since my channel got demonetized over 3 months ago. If you’re seeing ads, that’s due to song claims from song companies that are in my videos. The channel is not demonetized. Here is proof of it: https://imgur.com/a/gg9jK3K

    Now, I can’t stop getting sponsors on my channel because like i said it’s my only source of income at the moment. Hopefully, in the future, i won’t be needing any of it at all. Money is essential especially during this catastrophic event. I hope that you understand me.

    Anyway, hope you’ll enjoy the video, love all of you, peace! <3 ^^

  2. yes dawg hand leveled to 30, literally over 100 games, and acc costs 5 bucks, unless slavery is back i doubt that, cancer ass ad


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