1. A excellent allotment tour video and the weather has been a mixed experience for this time of year. Keep enjoy gardening and it’s helpful for our mental health because there are days i just don’t have the motivation to do gardening but we shouldn’t stop a pandemic from us doing what we enjoy. I would remove the caterpillar from the apple tree before it eats the apples.

  2. I so agree about the woodchip! I gave my patch a facelift too… the mother in law approved😂 your Dahlias are fabulous. I will definitely pick up some bulbs for next year. Stunning garden😍😍😍and a delightful half hour of relaxation and education 🙂

  3. Lucky you. That caterpillar has been hijacked by a parasitic wasp, who’s laid her eggs on it’s back. I was relieved you didn’t decide to remove the menacing thing & squash it – then & there! The larvae will survive on eating that unwilling host, & they will patrol your garden for you, & reduce the numbers of harmful insects which damage your plants.

    You’ve created such a lovely garden to ramble through with so many focal points. I enjoy this style so much more than those laid out in rows.

    New subscriber here. : ]

  4. well done its all in tip top condition and a lovely harvest, dont tell me about growing too many chillies i think i grew 30 different varieties one year 🙂

  5. Enjoyed the vid as usual, thanks Katrina. Was curious, what do you feed your tomatoes? I have two tomato plants (Tomas and Tomara) and they have grown handsomely but not produced any fruit. I’ve grown them from seed in a flat just in pots by the window. They’ve started to flower a little. Did I make the mistake of allowing them to grow too big? Cheers!


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