1. I’m curious, did you decide to do this project now because you need the mulch, since your normal routine for acquiring mulch is disrupted? I know I have decided to do a major weed pull just to get the mulch 😂

    • No – it just needed to be done. I’m actually not working from home any more – we were all told to come back. There’s no active cases in my province right now. I still see no need to be going into work since all I do is sit at a computer and write, but we were told to come back, so I’m back to driving 2 hours a day, and walking through a huge mall complex to get to my office. Kinda ridiculous, but at least I can get yard waste easily again

  2. Greg you might have done inflammation in your back that is causing your pain. I grow my own CBD plants and make a tincture with them and it helps me tremendously. There are different plants that contain CBD from certain strains of cannabis to hemp plants. Most of them don’t get you high but are considered medicinal. I’m sure with your gardening skills you could grow a few big plants. As more and more research is done they are discovered many benefits of CBD and other cannabinoids. It’s pretty expensive to buy and there are issues with qualify unless you find trusted organic source. Anyway just a thought. I use it for alot of different health issues.

    • The last few times I tried weed I had a violent reaction it it – it felt like I was having a heart attack, lots of vomiting, my skin went white, etc.very scary, so I just avoid the whole category. If it ever gets really bad I’ll experiment with CBD

  3. Inspiration- so true breaking it up in little steps does help. I have been dealing with a lot of guilt and remorse this summer. In July I had a bad Lupus sun reaction and could not let the sun touch my skin for the summer. Squashed my garden dreams. Now overgrown with weeds, as I deal with my emotions, I am trying to focus on the positives and prep for next year. Weeds = Compost All in all ? Garden Win?

  4. Your right with just get started, we are almost ready to move into our new home on a one acre block. At age 61 and hubby at 64 it can be a bit over whelming at the thought of creating a new garden. I had dug up and potted almost 200 plants and fruit trees before we left the old house to move into the rental just 2 streets from where the new house is being built. Who ever thought we’d be building during a pandemic.😱 I’m glad your feeling better as I know what back pain can feel like💚, never heard of wild roses but then I live in Australia so guessing we don’t have them here.🌹🌹🌹

  5. Funny how your words here about gardening, said in your usual practical manner, really helped with another area of my life that was overwhelming. Don’t be overwhelmed, just start. Thank you!


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