1. I hadn’t planned on putting in a garden. But I received a load of compost unexpectedly. So I raked it into a horseshoe shaped bed and tossed some seeds in on our last weekend of “last frost dates”. So, really late for something like tomatoes and squash. But eh 🤷🏻‍♀️ why not try since I got some dirt. Everything is stunted, and first frost is on the horizon. So I don’t expect to actually get anything, but there are some small beefsteak tomatoes trying to be.

    • It’s important to plant things that can reach maturity within the number of growing days you have to work with. Even among tomatoes – there are some that mature in 70 days, and some that mature in 130 days – so next year bear that in mind. With a tiny bit of planning you could have gotten much more out of your garden .

    • Maritime Gardening yeah, I get that, but I wasn’t planning to plant anything other than flowers then a load of compost was dropped off on may day weekend (my last frost date). I was going to just rake it out because our soil is so poor in general it could have used the boost. But my husband has been wishing for fresh tomatoes since we moved onto this property. He’s just starting to understand that I really can’t grow much in sand… so I tried because he asked. But like your raspberries, I got some foliage, but not much to harvest and frost is just around the corner. If I had planned on planting I would have started seedlings in April or beginning of may. But 🤷🏻‍♀️ it was an experiment 🧪

  2. Hi Greg. Greetings from Norway! I really like your videos and I find it motivating to see your vegetable garden. I suffer from chronic headaches and I would really appreachiate it if you wouldn’t swipe the camera back and forth or move the camera as fast, because it makes me ill. I often have to watch the ceiling while listening to your videos, and I feel like I’m missing out since the garden tours are my favourite videos. Thank you for sharing 🙂

    • I’m sorry for that – I don’t have a camera man so it’s very hard to do the tour videos with the camera set in the tripod, as it is in my other videos. Instead of it taking 40 minutes to an hour to film – it would take 2 or 3 hours. Hoping to turn one of my kids into a “cameraman” next year – so stay tuned for that.

    • @Maritime Gardening LOL. I am all for child labour. 🙂 I don’t mind that you hold your own camera, if you could slow down the camera, but not the man. LOL.

  3. Looking good Greg. We had pretty good year in southern Ontario. Canned lots of tomatoes for winter and froze lots of beans, kale and chard. I had successful second crops after harvesting my garlics and potatoes with bush beans and beets. We have been enjoying fresh greens and salads from our greenhouse for about 1 month now and hopefully keep them growing for another 2 months. I might bring in a small heater for nighttime, I’m not sure yet. I have to weigh the electricity cost versus the cost of buying organic greens and lettuces. I have noticed that fresh veggies and fruit are more expensive this year and I’m not even looking at organic. I suspect food inflation will be up alot this winter so the more you can store or keep alive the better. We made our wine already so I’m good. You don’t realize how much you can save by growing and preserving your own food until you go shopping.

  4. Didn’t you plant sweet mama squash? If so, I think that’s what those green ones are – some kind of buttercup anyway. How did the garden fare this latest storm?


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