1. People with dogs shouldn’t do this, MY DOG IS A THIEF. Just found out why my plants “weren’t giving enough fruits” XD…food thief

  2. Hlo sir ,,,, maine karele or tori ki bel k beej daale the ab wo grow ho gai hai usme true leaves aa gai hai lekin jaise hi next leaves aati hai piche ki leaves dheere dhree safed hone lagti hai ,,,abhi tak sir 4 leaves hi aai hai usme bhi mujhe first two leaves todni padi ,,,,,,kya karu sir

  3. Pls make a video on the natural pesticide u use for ur plants. I am reading mixed reviews abt garlic chilli solutions. Pls do share how u make and how often u use. Thanks! 🙏

  4. How can I control leaf miner? Neem oil is not available where I lived. I tried dishwashing soap and oil but seems not effective.

  5. If planting from seeds, once they start growing can they just remain in the same pot? Or do you need to move them?

    • If they are many ….than it is better to shift them as too many plants will fight for nutrients n space …which will hamper thr growth

    • @Urban Gardening thank you so much for your reply, youve got a new subscriber! I am a complete beginner, so do you have any videos on moving plants? I find your videos very informative and easy to follow.

  6. Thank you for sharing this with us ❤️ if anyone wants to follow my beginner gardening journey let’s connect on ig @blackgirlhealingjourney 💓

  7. My tomato plant remains short height about 1.5 feet. It’s 2 month old. Any advice to make is grow better. I can share image on your WhatsApp number is provided

  8. Nice tomatoes. Better sow 2-3 seeds in separate, smaller seedling pots. Then you can move the plants to their definite place without touching the roots much. Also, it will prevent competition between plants from the very beginning.

    • @Urban Gardening thanks for answering
      I want to also mention that I moved a few aftet the first leaves appeared, they turned yellow and now their are losing the original leaves

  9. How did you learned gardening? I don’t think i could make it but you inspired me. I hope someday i will


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