1. Sir ji mena apne kuch plant ma 19:19:19 fartilizer bahut jada da diya hai issa mera plant ki sari leaf ger gye hai or plant jal gya hai ab mujhe kya Krna chahiye pls rply kya mera plant ab mar jayega

    • Now shower your plants 2-3 days interval, Don’t add any fertilizer right now, only water. Spray fungicide 7 days interval

  2. Bro I made an organic fertilizer mix with vermicompost, bonemeal, cow dung. I kept it in a plastic bag and after a week it had a layer of white fungus on top of it. Is it safe to use it in plants? I used some fungicide powder mixed it up and gave it to the tree will that be good for the tree?

    • This type mixture fertilizer always in dry form, after mixing keep the as you mentioned, then make it dry in sunlight, then you can use, best wishes


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