1. I love this Laura!! I’ve learned so much from you!! Thank you sooo Much!! God Bless you and your family!! Evelyn from Colorado!!

  2. Your taste in flowers and pots is always so inspirational and artistic. This tall urn demonstrates a great eye for functional design of the walkway and why you chose the harmonious colors and particular plants. You always point out a plan to keep it healthy at the time of planting and throughout it’s growth cycle. I appreciate this great lesson, in terms I understand a will remember. Thank so much.

  3. We have a coral bark maple that we plan to keep in a large pot. Do you have any recommendations on plants to use as under plantings? Will under plantings take away from the health of the tree?

  4. That urn is just so elegant and beautiful! I would do anything to have one in my backyard, I’d plant a lot of plants that like to hang down just because I love that European garden look ☺️

  5. Lovely colour mix. It’s so nice to have a lovely garden to watch while all this mayhem is going on. I can’t get out to shop for plants so I will enjoy yours instead. Thank you

  6. I’m obsessed with all of your urns and planters! Would you do a video just about the concrete urns and estate planters you have, where you got them, and any best practices about which plants do better in urns or planters? I’m learning so much from you and your channel!


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