1. hi sean, i found that with shingle the animals always used it as a toilet, i also have that weed, its a right pain,l keep pulling it hoping that l will weaken it.

  2. Great vlog Sean, we don’t get much of that there cinquefoil up north on our plot but we are blighted by the ever present couch grass. It’s a never-ending battle!!!

  3. Oh my, Sean ! You do have an eye for color ! Everything so different. Color combinations I’ve never seen. I’d love to smell those white pansies. If you have time, do you remember the variety ? Also, my trumpet vine is in the ground and has been moved several times. Has gone without water for ages. Last time it didn’t come back. But, I just noticed it’s coming back huge and dark green ! So happy ! Thanks for the tour. See you next time.

  4. Hi Sean, really love all the flowers and trees in your garden, especially the birch tree. I think trees and flowers really make a vegetable garden extra beautiful.

  5. Hi Sean the squash you showed look like Baked Potato Squash, I harvested one of mine last week about the size of yours and I rubbed it with garlic, mixed herbs
    Salt and pepper and roasted it in the oven for an hour, then mashed it with a drop of milk and a knob of butter it was delicious 😋.
    I have saved the seeds and will definitely be growing more next year.
    Steve Cambridge 🤗


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