1. ‘The God of Dragon Fruit’ No disrespect to you or Richard…..But…..THAT´S a pretty bold title to give someone when there are numerous Dragon Fruit pioneers who are still living or who have left their fingerprints in the DF world. They have decades of experience and creators of their own hybrids that all the worshippers prey to have. Apologies to Mr. P. Thompson, Mr. E. Valdivia, Mr. G. Martin, Ms. L. Nickerson, Mr. E. Meier and the many other founding fathers of this of the dragon fruit world.

  2. So funny I just realized I had a dragon fruit plant in my Garden. Was given to me by a monk from temple garden. I had no idea… But it has never bloomed . Beed years just sits there and never really grows just stays alive… Weird.

  3. I never tasted dragon fruits. Since dragon fruits comes from a cactus it must not be that good. I have tested a pickly pear fruits and to me it doesn’t taste good. Here in California, Arizona or even in New Mexico wild cactus fruits can be seen.

  4. coolest thing I’ve ever seen. However if he’s cross pollinating different species, would the fruit be different? Is he breeding brandnew species?

    • In a cross pollinated dragon fruit, every single seed is unique. In other words, they will have different traits, like siblings. The proper way to assess them is by growing many and selecting the seedlings that have the best traits for your climate. I have around 100 I am assessing now. I just tossed about 15 because they had damage from the last heat wave. I am only selecting vigorous and heat tolerant seedlings. I hope this helps.


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