1. Hey Greg….weird…I harvested a crap load of kale this morning as well, to drop off at my daughters and a niece’s place. We have tons frozen and loads more coming on this fall. My kale plants look like palm trees now with just a few leaves on top and bare stems. Then tonight I will give what foilage is left a shot of BTK (yes we still have tons of cabbage moths around) but all good!
    Hahaha I liked your comment about picking slugs and snails…no kidding I would be there forever picking thise buggars!
    Great video dude have a great day!

  2. Kale is not my plant of choice but the idea that you shown can come in handy through out the garden. I should have seen this before the good rain we have gotten .

  3. I think constant pruning throughout the season promotes taller plants which keeps slugs and snails away. I also thinks some plants are more susceptible either because they nutrient rich or easier to digest. In my fall garden my baby kale plants already have these little white eggs on them, while other lettuces and greens are not affected as yet.

  4. Good strategy. The robins will be feeding for migration! Everyone I see a leaf and think “yuk, I wouldn’t eat that,” off it comes! I have slugs, but I’ve never seen snails. Is it because you are next to woodland?

  5. Kale is not my favorite vegetable but my wife puts it into our morning smoothie along with other greens and somee fruit to hide the taste lol and it’s pretty good. She freezes the kale fresh after washing it and then uses it when making smoothies. I didn’t plant that many kale this year because we weren’t really eating it and then she figured out a way to eat it fresh in the smoothie. Hopefully my fall kale plants will keep us going through the winter or part of it.

  6. Just started some late kale and lettuce and other greens,I had greens all winter last year just covered them.I saw a white butterfly flying over your kale is that part of the problem to?Some of the days i used to have at work,there wouldnt be any kale left in that bed.

  7. Hi, I really enjoy your videos, good common advice. I’m looking for your video on building a small inexpensive hoop house for over my late vegetables. Thanks.


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