1. I am looking at using grasses in the front yard border garden though not sure exactly how I will use it. Currently planting bulbs but will be a few months before I get the borders all dug out as I am working with very hard clay soil and grass that is very dogged about staying where it is at!! I will probably pot up the bare root Hosta’s that I received and plant them out next spring. Building 2 more of my raised beds this weekend (which will make 4 so far) and then finish the fifth later. Need to get my compost set up as well. Also looking to paint an arbor that I built which is the entry way from the front yard into the side yard garden area. I have it primed, but with the smoke from the forest fires in the area (which has finally cleared up) and the rain which finally settled in for a few days, I need to wait for a dry day. Tomorrow is supposed to be good for us so will see about getting it done then. Cheers, Sean!

    • This grass is very good and doesn’t really spread unless you start running your hands through it and start scattering the seed around but again, very easy to remove the clumps you don’t want. I would consider it for your front yard border.

  2. Don’t have an allotment so the big job at the moment is emptying and relining the pond. Masses of fertile sludge which should suit brassicas next year.

  3. Sean, can you hep me to understand horticultural grit and where you buy it in UK? Ive no idea about quality, prices etc. B&Q etc never seem to have stock. Am I looking in the wrong place? is it the same as grit for chickens? any advice would be very welcome. thanks.


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