1. Im sad too that Sophia left without notice but im also glad that Presley got her spotlight time even for a while

  2. I was supposed to go to new york during the week of April 6 as a school trip but it got cancelled. I was so excited to watch this musical 🙁

  3. My god she’s such an ispiration to be doing THAT much at THAT age and be SO GOOD! She really is a role model for a lot of people

  4. I feel bad for people who take over main casts because people expect them to be just the same and then they judge them for not being as good as the original roles

  5. I’m in love with heathers so much when ever in this video they put a sence from the movie I couldn’t stop seeing Veronica Sawyer lol💙❤💚💛

  6. Presley Ryan is so incredable, I mean at 16 she’s balancing school and Broadway meanwhile I can hardly handle math class alone.

    plus I mean she’s just amazing

  7. She’s so sweet, I would literally be so so so happy if I ever get to meet her. It’s so sad that she didn’t get to finish her time as Lydia. I hope the show finds a new theatre!!

  8. Omfg, I just found out about the show closing for ever. That sucks, I loved Presley as Lydia, not as much as Sophia, but she deserved the stage time just as much as she did. I hope she gets casted on a starring role again as fast as possible on another broadway production. Her talent is truly being wasted, she deserved so much more.

  9. she’s so amazing!! i’m fifteen (sixteen in three months), and my dream is to go to film school to be either a director or writer, i’m in a broadcasting program, which helps me much. if you all have a dream, go for it!! i believe in you all. ♡

  10. 99% of the comments: why would you think it’s the other beetlejuice
    1% of the comments: i thought this was the movie beetlejuice

  11. her: *made her broadway debut at 12*
    me: *12 with a theatre dream but i’m not nearly as talented as any of them* 😰

  12. Teenager some times get easily annoyed……… since 11 I’ve been getting more then easily annoyed I’m INSANELY ANNOYED FROM SCREAMING 24/7 EVERY MONTH EVERY YEAR EVEN NOW I AM IN THE SAME CONDITION AND I’M 13 and because of corona IT MAKES IT WORSE

  13. I’m 10 and I’ve been in this theatre mood for 3 year I’ve done camps and clubs and plays I want to go to broadway but I really want to be a vet to do I’m going to collage for a vet diploma and I’m still going to try to Persuade being a broadway actress

  14. Imagine going to a performing arts school and one of your classmates is literally a Broadway lead. Now imagine being that kid’s teacher.

  15. She’s too pretty not be a goth, why would anyone want to cover her lovely hair with a wig that would just see someone as a freak

  16. I’m going to be honest: I think Presley is a better Lydia than Sophia. I saw Beetlejuice about 10 months ago with the full original cast (no understudies) and have listened to the cast album religiously ever since. Even from just a few clips of Presley I’ve seen, I think she’s just so much better. You can tell that Sophia was always straining her voice, especially with Dead Mom. Presley doesn’t. Presley also seems so much nicer. I could kinda tell from Sophia’s social media that she was starting to become a diva, especially with just taking days off from the show with no warning.

    Anyway, this is just my opinion, and I hope I didn’t offend anyone.

  17. Pressley is such a star. I’m so sad that because Coronavirus she didnt have the opportunity to fulfill the role of Lydia longer.

  18. Why did they even make a musical? It’s so stupid. It’s nothing like the OG movie. Like this totally ruined the whole beetle juice era. So disappointing

  19. Bruh I was gonna audition to that school but I didn’t want to cause it was 45 minutes away from home but at least my close friend got into ppas

  20. I fell in love with the musical3 days ago but sadly with what’s going on and even the closing??
    I really want to see this!

  21. I’m 17 and I always watch these videos and it amazes me what people younger than me in my industry do and I’m over here like 🥺


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