1. how did they get all of them to sing live on ZOOM? When you try and sing on zoom and then all un-muted, it never turns out that good!!! There is always a delay? thoughts?

  2. It was awesome, I’m so happy for her because last year I gave to my 11 years old daughter the tickets for Christmas. This would be for March 15 in Adrienne arsht center then it was canceled. However My daughter can see this video and clips on YouTube and she feels so happy for it. She said that this girl represents all girls that cannot go.

  3. Was the singing all prerecorded and synced? There is no way you can sing together like that with zoom because of latency. I would love to hear how this was made

  4. This is SO stupid 🙄
    When I was supposed to spend MY 12th birthday watching Hamilton on Broadway, I had to spend the day at home watching My Fair Lady.
    They have so many other fans, but they only think of one. Wow 👏. Not to mention that she is perfectly healthy, unlike others (including me) who have health conditions and have to spend (sometimes) days at the hospital not knowing if we’re going to survive.


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