1. This apocalypse DLC breaks the game. Totally unplayable: needs a patch to fix all the bugs ASAP. Raised a ticket with devs but i think they’re more interested in online micro-transactions than the story mode

  2. I’m not one for this ‘we are owed money’ for things that happened years ago. Always seems to be a media front to it, takes away from the cause.

  3. The Tulsa massacre is another dark cancer on our country …. but how can the people of Tulsa 100 years later be held responsible financially or otherwise for this travesty? Has anyone actually thought about where that money would come from? Offer something like free college in OK for a couple generations of kids or something, some state owned land perhaps?

    • lol there shouldn’t be a statue of limitations on this. they shot down any black person in the street, locked up the rest and burned down all there business and houses and never gave that land back. the city needs to be held accountable at some point. the effects of this are obviously generational and it’s shitty you can’t see that. please take some time to actually look into black wall street and then let me know if you still feel the same way.

    • @taite alexandria I do agree on all counts and always have..but where do you draw the line. Paying settlement to people who where there that day, had relatives there, owned businesses, were investors etc etc? All I am saying is maybe there is a way to honor those people that wouldn’t be detrimental to city services and the 400,000 people (who would foot the bill one way or another) who were not alive when that happened.

  4. i was excited someone was finally talking about this. super disappointed it was actual click bait

    also i’m pretty sure families effected by the tulsa massacre have tried to sue before and they literally just waited till they died.

  5. Most of my fellow USA citizens DID NOT even know about what happened in Tulsa until this year. This kind of American history is not taught in schools, yet we are forced to trust the authors of school books that we know everything we must to fully understand our society, our country, and the world we’ve impacted since it’s inception


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