1. Correction, a truck driver in the US is not allowed to drive 14 hours in one day. As of 2020, with the current HOS (Hours of Service), we are limited 11 hours of driving during a 14 hour period before we have to take a 10 hour break. We also need to take at least one 30 minute break some time during our first 8 hours of driving.

    As a truck driver, this is a decent representation of what a typical regional truck driver goes through. However, many are OTR (Over-The-Road) truck drivers, meaning they’re traveling the whole country and are usually on the road for 3-4 weeks (or sometimes months!!) at a time before going home for some home time.

    I, myself, have a dedicated route at night where I go back and forth between California and Arizona Tuesday night through Sunday morning. I sleep in my truck during the day and don’t go home until Sunday morning. I’m off Monday and leave for work Tuesday afternoon. I’m trying to get a day-time dedicated route where I’m currently working because I hate driving at night (it crushes the soul) and have been doing this route for many months now. It pays good, though, for my level of experience.


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