1. Just a heads up for anyone keeping score, Chadwick’s post is the 4th most liked post on IG. If a stupid egg can get the top spot I believe a great man who was untimely taken from the world can. I implore us, fans of Chadwick’s contributions towards acting and humanity, to make his post the most liked IG post. If you haven’t go on IG and like his post, go unlike the egg then share the message to as many people as you can. I believe this is a tribute fit for a King.
    Thank you for reading and Rest In Power Chadwick Boseman

  2. Boseman aka Black Panther May you Rest In Peace Wakanda forever Amen 😢😭🙏🏻 John David Washington should be the new black panther.

  3. I remember him on Larry Kings show saying..‘he wish he could freeze time’ when he was ask what superpowers he wish to have in real life 😪😪He clearly knew he had only limited time to spend, he was such a talent gone too soon.RIP BOSEMAN,Wakanda forever 💪


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