1. Everyone that’s having trouble trying to reach a edd representative call your local EDD DO NOT CALL THE 1800 number your call your local edd office in your city and explained to them that you been trying to reach a representative but you are unsuccessful, they will transfer you to a google call where you will record your name and your message and a representative will reach back to you within that day, they are doing it like that because edd representative are working from home. Their not telling us this I had to figured it out myself because I was on the boat as all of you where I couldn’t reach a representative And now I’m passing over this info hopefully it works for you guys it work for me and I’m finally seen my payment been put on my edd debit good luck to y’all

  2. Just goes to show how many jobs are useless and the skill set most have for these jobs are useless . Maybe it’s time for some of you to switch careers that have you working during a time like this .

  3. Black’s in the Morocco also facing the racism, the should know about the consequences of the corona virus

  4. Why is it that most MSM keeps pounding , minute after minute show after show day after day. The doom and gloom continuously..we people already know we are in a bad situation…so why continuously drive the pitchfork deeper.. Why ??

  5. Who getting 1.7 Million in stimulate checks? I tell you who rich evil satantic worshippers thats who. Wow shady Trump🎭🎪

  6. What about the IG report declassified footnotes?! That prove spying on Trump we demand reporting on this right now!

  7. What if…

    This is all the CCP’s fault. They slickly did this in a manner that allowed them to attack the world in an ingenious way. The most important thing to realize is that they do not think like us. They don’t have the same morals we do and they only look at things how they can be practically used. Human life doesn’t really matter because they are trying to simply succeed for an earthbound goal. What they have done is possibly skirted on the outside of the ideologies of Western warfare (The Western rules of war). They could have made this virus to only attack certain ethnic genetic strains. Would that be that far fetched in our world today? So they just let some infected people go around the globe, spread this pandemic, and then they act like they have no clue what really happened. How could you even really prove it?

    Our government couldn’t really tell you anyway, that wouldn’t be in their best interest would it?
    What you need to start to consider is who might be in bed with the CCP. Who in our media, government, etc. might be pushing their agenda. Do a lot of our major companies benefit from china?
    What you need to think of is what if this was a bioattack. How would you act then?
    What you need to think is how a nation of people who are so used to being free are suddenly pushed indoors and told they can’t have social contact with one another. What would that do to their mentality? Economy?


  8. All the homeless folks are saying Boo hoo hoo, your not getting your free government check, now you know how it feels as we watch you drive by us and laugh at us.

  9. its Called save your money , you should have atleast 2 years salary saved.. stop getting tattoos and $1,000 cell phones .. me i saved every penny for the past 2 years i even went as far as being homeless living out of my car, started in june of 2018 only bills i have is gas, food, car insurance ,and storage rent, i even cancelled cell phone i use free wifi since its everywere,, (yes im in mcds parking lot) now i have multi $$ 100,000s saved thanks to my suffering.. now im jobless and Completely ready for it..

  10. Too many Americans did not live within their means. They’re weak, have to have immediate gratification rather than saving up for things. No savings. No nothing. A lot of them drive luxury cars, have homes they can’t afford. And they’re supposed to get sympathy? A lot of businesses, esp. restaurants, need to go under, there’s way too many. Try taking control of your miserable lives, bite the bullet and live without going out to the mall all the time. Soft Americans…..

  11. Waiting for the haters to say these people should have been prepared or made better life Choices feel bad for these folks

    • yeah because it was my poor life choices that gave me two beloved family members who got cancer and suffered and died because of it…………………that’s it!!!! And no stimulus for me because my grown kiddo who lives with me and takes care of me now that i am disabled claimed me on their taxes and we got a whole extra $250 bucks……..but hey the rich fucks got their free money……………just about time to rise up and start ending millionaires and billionaires…………….. really

  12. I don’t understand why everyone’s complaining … I felt very burnt out for the last few months and I’ve needed a vacation now I’m working from home
    Not losing any money and this is awesome as long as me and my family stay healthy, This is the greatest Moment In Time..you little girls need to stop complaining & enjoy the relaxation.

  13. Did your president just say that big fat beautiful check that he is insuring out 😂 😷👀☠️☠️☠️

  14. Pres. Trump is insane. Please remember that.

    This man, Trump, is so basically stupid that it is almost unbelievable. Stupid, as in, – Dumb as a rock!


  16. Checks wont go out I thought until May?
    So if they already went out… then that is fantastic!
    I got my $ on the 15th in my bank account.

  17. We’re further in debt and will never recover, a stupid question, we can’t we just print up more money to get us out of all of our debts.? We’ve become stupid and mindless, God bless 💜🙏🏻✝️🕊

  18. Americans do realize…
    That Mnuchin figures Americans, can live on that money for 10 – 12 WEEKS (2-3 months)… Right?
    And… Live well…

  19. The people that got the PPP loans were companies that had relationships with large banks. You had to be a client to apply. My bank didn’t offer it at all. Most small businesses didn’t see any of that money.

  20. 22 million full time workers. part time, temp, and workers under 25 are not counted. so basically half are unemployed. oh, and very few people will get a paper check in the mail. nearly 95 percent have a bank account or ebt card.

  21. 22 million unemployment claims in past 4 weeks. Many businesses forced to close.
    Millions left without medical insurance.
    40% of Americans have less than $400 liquid cash.


    Why can’t the government just
    “KEEP IT SIMPLE” with the following plan?:

    1) Andrew Yang’s “Freedom Dividend”:
    An opt-in Universal Basic Income (UBI) of $1,000/month for all US citizens funded by federal 10% Value Added Tax (VAT).
    During the COVID crisis, the UBI would be temporarily increased, maybe to around $2,000/month. People would have to choose between receiving the “Freedom Dividend” UBI or receiving traditional “cash-like” welfare benefits like unemployment benefits, disability benefits and food stamps.
    People in prison are excluded from receiving the “Freedom Dividend”, but upon release, they would qualify.
    The “Freedom Dividend UBI” would take the “boot off our throats”. It would “build a floor” for the people to build on top of.

    UBI !
    UBI !!
    UBI !!!

    2) For small businesses that were forced to close during the crisis:
    Temporarily Waive /Forgive (NOT just defer) rent for the duration of the crisis. The federal government could then reimburse the landlords in the form of tax credits. Other expenses of the landlords could be reimbursed through tax credits of refund checks or passed down to the tenants.

    These provisions would allow the people to return to work when it’s safe. And these provisions would help businesses to stay afloat until the crisis is over.

    Under this almost unprecedented world-wide humanitarian crisis, we should let the land lie fallow so that it could become replenished with fertilizers. After the crisis is over, the land would continue to yield an abundant harvest. Landlords need to bear some of the burden of this crisis. This legislation would help landlords do the right thing. We’re truly all in this together.

    Let’s make 2020 a Jubilee-Style Year!

    (and corresponding mortgage payments)

    3. Universal Healthcare gradually achieved through a free public option.


    Please email and call your senators and congressmembers. Together we could make a huge difference!

  22. https://apple.news/Aa4qGiVQZTVqnYKf04vWZ8A
    Boy do I have a bridge to sell you real cheap… The Brooklyn bridge 🤣😂

  23. The Federal Government tried to incentivize a hasty and premature return to work with the Payroll Protection Program (PPP) loan/grant provision of the current stimulus package.  But this crisis requires the opposite, especially when it comes to nonessential services.
    We need to let the land lie fallow for nonessential services. And we should return to work when it is safe to return to work or if we can make truly safe conditions. We need to place safety first. We have been programmed for so long to believe that the GDP is the Holy Grail.  But Andrew Yang argued that different metrics be adopted to gauge succcesful policy like health, well-being, longevity.  
    The federal government’s misguided approach of trickle-down, “GDP-first” economics in the face of this current humanitarian crisis accentuates the importance of Yang’s campaign of “Trickle-Up Economics” and  “Humanity First”.

    Best solution would be the following:
    1) Adopt Andrew Yang’s “Freedom Dividend” UBI (plus Value Added Tax) and 
    2) waive the rent and mortgages.  
    That would be fair, super-fast, super-simple and effective.  KEEP IT SIMPLE, please!  Put the money in our hands.

    Let’s make 2020 a Jubilee-Inspired Year.
    This crisis will unite our communities and our nation.

  24. The PPP Loan program was a huge disaster. Only a tiny fraction of applicants received the loan before the funds were depleted. Shame on large banks Wells Fargo and Chase for not lifting a finger to help small business owners when we are the most vulnerable
    financially. Wells Fargo CEO should be fired.

  25. The PPP Loan program was a huge disaster. Only a tiny fraction of applicants received the loan before the funds were depleted. Shame on large banks Wells Fargo and Chase for not lifting a finger to help small business owners when we are the most vulnerable
    financially. Wells Fargo CEO should be fired.

    Early on I applied diligently for the EIDL and PPP loan programs. I applied multiple times to the EIDL because they were having technical difficulties. So far, I have received nothing. I have spent hundreds of hours submitting applications and supplemental paperwork for the PPP. And none of the banks have completed processing my application yet. These plans are too complicated and bureaucratic. Stop all this nonsense and adopt Andrew Yang’s plan of $2,000 for all American citizens 18 and above for the duration of the crisis.

  26. Just goes to show that this Government Doesn’t give a Rats Ass about the working taxpayers! We the People need to Revolt against theses Assholes Now! 🐭💩👎

  27. These are the opportunities that you study your past behaviors and understand why we are in the situation we are in. Lets extend a olive branch to our fellow Americans.

  28. Open the damn country!!! Millions die every day of all kinds of different diseases etc. and nobody even mentions them especially in the media, stop this fear mongering!! When it’s all said and done the kill rate will not be much different than the seasonal flu. Quarantine elderly with underlying issues!! Quarantine those with comprised immune systems!!! its more freaking dangerous to drive than to get this virus!!! Learn odds and statistics!!!!!!!!!

  29. get ready for a lot of people to be homeless a lot if you thought there was going to be homeless people there’s going to be more than what you think of homeless people

  30. No one will be buying take out restaurants foods if they have no/little income. People will cook home foods to save money.

  31. Some people want to go to work then go home and get there kids and family sick selfish pieces of shits willing to kill there kids and families… Willing to die for $16 an hour.. next time save your freaking money buy a freezer and put 2 months worth of meat in it….if you cannot save at least $3000 a year in your savings your doing something terribly wrong in life and shouldn’t have kids or a family.

  32. 0:40 All because of a divided Washington? It’s true, iron and clay don’t mix.

    “Just as you saw iron mixed with soft clay, they will be mixed with the people; but they will not stick together, one to the other, just as iron does not mix with clay.” Daniel 2:43

  33. TAKE ALL THIS KABAL DOWN RIGHT NOW! LET’S KEEP SPREAD THE TRUTH EVERYWHERE !!!! https://youtu.be/86VJlhw0DQQ – Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai

  34. While this happens to the people, the talking heads representing them laugh and smirk because this is the crime of the century. If you are afraid of the Virus then you should be really afraid of what’s really going on, economic collapse, sentinel surveillance, vaccines forced. All this is a farce and Bill Gates &co. love this misery.



    • And OMG it’s not a loophole the bank part of the bill got huge bipartisan support. Just like 08 09 bailouts NOT for the people.


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