1. At least the second people weren’t stuck in traffic for 9 hours like I was when I was going home from a trip to the seaside it should of only took 3/4 hours!

  2. The embarrassing is when ur parents don’t support ur dreams or education and if ur parents has a real issue. Imagine if u swap lives to those parents not loving as them.

  3. The first one was a bit rude actually– she told her parents not to come and she’s old enough to be without them. And they come anyways, if your parent does them they have no sense of privacy in the household.

  4. So my dad really liked the flinstones so he dressed as Fred flinstone and screamed so loud and said ya ba da ba doooo!!!!!

  5. My dad wears a skunk hat, tight capon America pants and a “I love my daughter” shirt every first day of school.

  6. Mum: (Does something embarrassing)
    Me: Mum stop that
    Mum: (Doesn’t stop)
    Me: (Says something about her dead hamster)
    Mum: So you have chosen death…


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