1. This is so sad how family can’t say the Last goodbye without touching they loved ones 😢 and they have to do a drive thru smh

  2. Oh my god!!! I just can’t believe that can kill people but that’s why we will have to self isolate our selfs from the world so we don’t have to get sick at all!

  3. Just a few months ago the media was talking about how great it was that technology was going to replace truckers w/driverless trucks….It well happen and we will soon forget the importance of human beings….

  4. A funeral service that will never be forgotten. RIP those who lose their lives. Forgive those who had to say goodbye to covid victims this way. 💕

  5. You must thank China after this pandemic is over for their virus gift to the US. Its not polite not to express your gratitude Americans.

  6. My mom just died 2 weeks ago and is being transported to Corinth, MS. I wasn’t allowed to view her or give her a proper funeral. The airlines refused to transport her. The only way I can get her there is to cremate her. The USPS will transport her remains. I am almost unable to have a life.

  7. Great idea! Yet, so painful not being able to say good-bye up close for the loved ones, friends, & colleagues we have lost. My prayers, blessings, & respect to all who have passed away from this awful coronavirus (covid-19).

  8. I hate how there’s so much big business big profits in someone’s death last year one of my family members passed away tragically and they wanted $13,000 for the spot not including tombstone and other funeral cost.


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