1. Why do you need a task force to reopen the economy, except to spend more money that you don’t have? Just say “Reopen the economy, starting… NOW!”.

  2. Newsom has a hippy hop as he talk. Been watching so many video of him, he has this little bounce around as he stands and talks

  3. Millions of people out of work = Manufacturing and Military industry investment. The world’s wealthy are going to want/ need boats: lots of them, small to large, private/ commercial and military. Also off-road, all terrain vehicles of all shapes. Just calling it now.

  4. Talks “uh” in “uh” circles “uh” like “uh” a robot “uh” with“ uh” plans “uh” to control

  5. Unemployment isn’t answering , can someone explain how to reach them. It’s been over a month and I have yet to receive the paperwork. I need help 😞

  6. We are one of the richest State ,one of high taxpayer State of United states of America but yet we get the most stupid govenor year after year. Love my beautiful California but not big fan of our politicians.

  7. Problem is, Newsom is not going to want to relinquish the power. He will emphasize the recession to try to emphasize his control and responsibility for economic growth when things bounce back. Newsom is a snake in the grass. He is a socialist. Temper your enthusiasm for the good job you think he is doing with wisdom. He will absolutely make the most of this crisis. He will want to keep us under his thumb as long as possible. This is just a glimpse of the socialist state that he and other democrats would impose upon us if we let them. This is good for Newsom. This is what he wants. He is willing to let people and businesses go under to further his agenda. His use of the phrase “nation state” should be closely scrutinized. We are a republic. Never let him or any other politician take that from us. You will get tired of his sh*t. Many have already. We do not need to be locked down on this scale. We should be opening up, safely and carefully, already. Just think about it.

  8. Interestingly this governor, new york governor both are democats and are agoainst Trump to rwopen the economy. So can we see that demorats are favor of destrying the economy and pushing the counrty down.
    They all lie

  9. Just another puppet. Have you noticed how he bounces up and down. That’s because his strings are being pulled. In other videos he talks about tracking people, not good. (HERD IMMUNITY) 🐂

  10. I saw this on Facebook
    In several years we will be 2018,2019,2021,2022
    You forgot 2020
    Shh we don’t talk about 2020

  11. You totally disagreed with President Trump when he declared the ban on traveling from China. Now, you’re shutting down the entire state and continue to do that until the election is over?

  12. According to the governors numbers we are all locked in our houses and millions loosing their jobs and businesses for a 0.00002% death rate. 🤔

  13. Stay at home order in California? Do I really have to leave my house and go to the DMV to register my car? Doing it online, there is a 40$ penalty fee.

  14. Pandemic what pandemic is he talking about in California and where’ are these covin19 patients he is speaking about I don’t see any here in California? There’s nothing going on here in California but people are mostly in their homes there’s No people getting infected or dying and there’s No virus spreading in California!!

  15. First, I’m a man of no political party and religious affiliates. So my thought is Democrat has nothing to do with what Newsom said about Nail salon is spread China Virus in the US.
    He just a liar, and dump. He can not prove what he said, he just guessing, he did not learn that China-Virus infected Sr. people or in Nursing homes. These people were not going to Nail Salon. Only young and middle-income people are Nail Salon customers. Secondly, Manicurist always wearing their masks for the last 40 years. Even before China Virus.
    The most politician has the same kind of problems just like Trump, dump, and lie. I will not vote for Newsom again.

  16. There is no pandemic. It is fear, only fear induced by the media, and democrates. He would be happy to take down America with his Auntie Nancy. CA first my buttocks. 🤬🤬

  17. Yes! Small businesses which I love here in Santa Cruz, Farmers Markets,, etc I spent half my stimulus check on small businesses. That’s what the stimulus is for to stimulate the economy. Many small businesses here are doing curb side service. I want to help them, so they too, can thrive and recover.


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