1. Water and no toilet paper or ice cream pretty soon no milk. All I know I would like to die on a full stomach. 😪

  2. Those whom have access to water, do not have access to always clean water. If you’ve had or have corrosion pipe lines busted or working, chlorine from city wide cleaning in the pipes and so forth, you’re not in clean water. Even if you’re free from covid, you always have a risk of other illnesses or damage to your bodies. I have to wait 30 minutes tops, for my water to become “purified ” from the rusted pipes because of how old the water system is [this isn’t promising and it still isn’t clean enough to be gentletowards skin contact. ]. And at the same time, for the water to become heated. If it is by shower. By faucet, it takes longer. But at least 6 times a year for different periods of time, we will have chlorine filtering water. The smell doesn’t fade easily. Our water isn’t clean. But those who have access to better water supply from extreme filtration or better water resources can lean away from skin damage. It’s always been a problem, more now than ever. And will continue until we make it cleaner again.

    • Good points. Also if you’re near the Great Lakes, our main water sources, we’ve seen growing toxic blooms and ecoli beach alerts every year. Agricultural run offs, pesticides is my guess, but of course the excise is always global warming. Sure, the world terrorist blew a giant hole in the atmosphere but lest we speak about CCP! It’s off putting to them and the enemies of our country within

  3. About 2 weeks ago my wife was getting ready to take a shower and when she turned on the water in the tub it looked like rust was in the water even after her letting it run a few minutes it still was yellowish, it was ONLY in the tub tho. I live in central ky. Clark co. Anyone else have this prob?

    • Last time I saw something close to that but worse was years ago in a resort in Nassau Bahamas. Can’t tell you how ill my husband and I got on that trip. I thought for certain we’d die in the room. That was just plain raw sewage. Hard saying what’s going on in KY. How long has it been since you’ve seen a new water tower erect? Find out the source of your water supply and start documenting it now. Home Depot used to offer free water test kits you could mail out for testing, but something tells me this is “non essential.” Email every state rep you in your district up to congressional. Copy Erin Brockovich for good measure! I have ideas if this is a new thing but I’d hate to speculate.

    • Well because its all about money here. You need money to do things. The government doesnt care unless the whole country is in trouble.

    • You talk like you drink from golden faucets. Most likely they were working on the pipeline’s sometimes rust will come through them I’m sure even in your wonderful superpower nation.

  4. If you don’t have clean water boil it Jesus Christ abc !!!! That water does taste good though I will admit that been there!

    • mrbear1302 Oh really I find that very interesting 🤔 since u have an entire playlist entitled keto with 62 videos! Just answer me this since it’s pretty clear I got you figured out where do you live in the world?

    • @robert sharpe I do have a a Keto playlist. My brother and sister in law are really into Keto and my best friend is Paleo. I use those videos as inspiration when they come over and I feed them. Or when I go to their houses and they make me cook…lol I do try and do lower carb as much as I can tolerate. It does help my waistline and cholesterol. I cannot go without french fries though. I live in the Pacific Northwest US in Washington. Where are you?

    • mrbear1302 the south and I can smell bullshit from miles away! I knew before I even started questioning you but I baited you In and u fell into my trap besides that all you have done is list every stereo typical thing about America’s cooking on holidays eating cheez-it’s and French fries 🍟 so where do u really live bc it’s not America!

    • @robert sharpe you can choose to believe what you want. I told you the truth. Born and raised in America. I don’t like baseball. I do like Apple pie, What do Cheez Its and French fries have to do with holiday meals? French fries weren’t even created in America. You would make a terrible detective.

    • mrbear1302 no I think I am pretty good and continues thanks for saying everything in one sentence about Americans anyhow where ever you live take care

    • Don’t start celebrating yet troll. We don’t lay down that easy! Did you watch the resilience of these people? That is America! It isn’t a color bud.

  5. Suddenly the United States is not so united… And the world’s super power is not powerful anymore in the face of a virus we can’t even see… Tell me something greater than the sheer inability of us as human beings to even begin to comprehend things around us and beyond, yet we barely know life itself.

  6. It’s definitely not good that they are reusing plastic containers to fill with water and then drive 20 miles in a car. Any sunlight hits those bottles and boom bacteria flourishes. Ridiculous. Buy a filter. Or boil your water. Just bummy lol.

  7. Keep covering the water crisis so that it can be fixed. Stop covering celeb trash and focus on real issues.

  8. I visited the states twice, travelled all over and was HORRIFIED at what passes for clean water in that country. They have no idea how bad they have it because its just become normal to accept that nobody cares about their basic needs or standard of living.

  9. The Flint 💧 crisis in demark South Carolina. They still don’t care about poor blacks and other minorities and poor. I am praying for all in Jesus name


    • Tanner Shortnacy or dirt leaking into water which isn’t good for you as a gram of dirt can contains 10,000 species of bacteria

  11. History repeats itself! Duhhh, why! Well f… give me a break. Clearly over and over its because the people allow the governing to drive them off the money cliffs or pits to hell. So, why trust the money serving fucked up CORRUPT ass governments to give us security. Obviously they can’t and never will. Time to wake up.

  12. 2 million Americans don’t have running water. ABC forgot to mention 2 million American’s didn’t pay their water bill.

  13. It’s so sad to see Americans point fingers at other countries, when America is just hiding that its capitalists heaven, and a 3rd world for the rest.

  14. Farmers are dumping milk by the tons & fruits & vegetables go rotting on California farms due to a lack of workers. Does this make sense? $25B to save an industry (airlines) that made $4.6B on baggage charges last year. Huh?

    • bernie udo . Thank to 🦆 Trump Mexican wall and National Defense ..farmers need more Mexicans seasonal fields workers , no young unemployed people or homeless in the USA, are going to work in the sun 🌞 or any fields work or dairy 🥛 farms too .

    • @Roberto Gutierrez Corona or no corona, migrants from Mexico will work those fields. I don’t doubt it. Ironically, Mexico prob wants a bigger wall to keep out infected people. Even if U.S. unemployment rate soars to 25% (Great Depression #s), Americans will not get up @ 3:00 a.m. to work the fields in bitter cold or under 100° heat. It’s just sad to see food dumped & left rotting.

  15. Trump removed restrictions so fossil fuel industries can pollute your land air and water without liability. Thanks Trump for poisonings our drinking water.

  16. It’s great for these two women to help out their neighbors with those water coolers. Hopefully, they come with an RO filtration system

  17. They never did anything for flint. Crazy how detached people are from people in their own countries. Many poorer populations and many minorities live in third world environments inside of a first world country. Why haven’t they built up their own community? Because most everything is owned by governing powers. Why haven’t they cared about their own citizens? Black areas in most rural towns don’t represent the state of inner city neighborhoods within America. They’ve been in crisis. Those people don’t want to live there either. Yes, environments breed certain behavior and attitudes. This is known by anyone who studies human behavior. Specifically why things are allowed to be so chaotic, because they knew it would eefct the minds of people. Not to forget to mention Chem trails. The least this country could do is give their citizens clean water. And take the lead out of inner city water. Now because of this Pandemic millions of Americans who never had to know how much governing powers can stifle their livelihoods are seeing it first hand. We rely on a system to care. If they don’t we have to take the scraps given and trust in God. God hurry up and come back.

  18. Navajo Nation in AZ needs water. Let’s work America! Put in the waterlines and pipes please!!! Any Advocates needing a mission?

  19. I have so much respect for these people who are stepping up to help their neighbors get basic needs. It’s not their responsibility, and they have enough to deal with already, but they’re still going out of their way because they care. We need people like them in government.

  20. I believe the EPA safe drinking water for the public is 500 or 600 max PPM. Purified and distilled water hovers between 0-30ppm which is the best. Water softeners bring that 500 to 600 down to 200 to 300 duebto the salt. Use a water meter test. Also, get a test from home depot for free also Ace hardware. You can check all the impurities in the water and provide that information to the water company. They probably wont do anything about it, but its good for you to know. Then you can start treating your own water accordingly to save trips…i figured this out when I did hydroponic vegis and herbs. Newly germinated plants will die within a few hours with high (poorly treated) water compared to their full bloom growth when its required (some require 1200 to 1800ppm like cuccumbers.) Imagine the damage to your body if your drinking that water is that bad. Might as well shower in brake fluid and destroy your kidneys and CNS when its absorbed in the skin.

    • I just would avoid drinking it unless absolutely necessary. Remember, your garden hose is the same water as your toilet and sinks. It all comes from the pipes underground usually.

    • I have a salt water softener. My sink has that drinking spout and the ppm is 250 to 300 sometimes. The better alkaline side is better rather than acidic. If you drink high ppm water, it wont kill you, it just isnt good…as shown when used for plants and home testing

    • @brianne T im talking about drinking the water…. not showering it. The damage done to your body drinking the nasty water, is probably the same as someone taking a shower with brake fluid or acid or something stupid and crazy. I think youll be fine showering in poor quality water like going to the lake or beach. Hahah

    • Jeremy Davis Well thank you for even putting your time and effort into replying to me with multiple paragraphs 😄 but yes I definitely know not to drink sink water, my friend even told me to rinse my mouth out with drinking water after I brush my teeth because the fluoride water can be slowly consumed. I was just mainly concerned on the water quality I shower in because I’ve heard the chemicals in the water can actually damage your hair, skin, etc. and I want to feel as clean as possible with things like basic hygiene. It’s not a big deal to me but the thought of nasty water all over my body and essentially entering my eyes, mouth, skin is kind of concerning. Especially LA water so I’ll do some research ty!

  21. It’s. Like. Waking. Up. And. Being. Part. Of. Stephen. King. Movie. !!! Hey. Come on. When. Will. The. Movie. End. !!!???

  22. That is not true. Detroit has a huge water system and is one of the cleanest in the country. The problem that arouse a few years ago was the city water depart had had enough with delinquent bill payers and shut them off. Some of these slugs hadn’t paid their bills in decades. Nor had any of these bill dodgers contacted the city water department to get on a payment plan, which the water department was more than happy to do and has with people in the past and never shut anyone off that was making a reasonable attempt to pay their bill. Not to mention most of these small cities are on municipal wells and you are going to get minerals in well water even if it is a municipal well. Simply get a whole house water filter to remove the minerals. As far as the water containing chemicals get it tested. And don’t tell me they don’t have the money of they are going around giving people water coolers that cost as much as or more than a water purity test at a lab. Then go on about your water purity.

  23. TAKE ALL THIS KABAL DOWN RIGHT NOW! LET’S KEEP SPREAD THE TRUTH EVERYWHERE !!!! https://youtu.be/86VJlhw0DQQ – Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai


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