1. Government bailouts/economic stimulus for:
    • failing businesses, the banks & the Stockmarket;
    • subsidies for inefficient farmers; &
    • handouts to help people, is pure SOCIALISM!

    Yes, Spanky is an out of the closet SOCIALIST! 😆😆😆😂😂😂

  2. I applied for the sba loans….took two weeks to get back to me and now they can only loan me payroll money. What about over head…..building payments and so on. They can all go to hell sobs ain’t gonna crash me.

  3. Oh boy here we go ….prosciutto man and gasp at arino the two butthole surfers of Fox Business . These two Trump haters need to go do what they do best ….smoke some poles and shut up .

  4. WeWork tweak = Instead of cramped shared cubicles, you’ll have a company selling work-from-home to corporations that want to bypass government health restrictions in order to make sure you’re working … with possibly infected individuals who used the desk you’re forced to use. If you work for a company that forces you into a WeWork situation – I feel sorry for you.

  5. What are we upto like 160billion dollars a day being printed out of thin air and spent on god knows what?
    And the G20 is sitting there scratching its head trying to figure out why people are treating fiat like toilet paper and buying garbage like bitcoin…


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