1. If we can set up makeshift hospitals on a dime, surely we can set up food distribution sites as well, so as to help those in need and not be wasteful.

  2. It’s all BS. Farms all across America dumping milk, plowing vegetables, smashing eggs etc. all because they “can’t” sell them yet shelves are empty. Now the bird flu is causing turkeys in Sc and NC to have to be killed off. “Transport is too costly”. With Americans out of work and no end in sight for this nonsense all farmers care about is their profits meanwhile they are being propped up by the gov’t as usual. 9 billion in bailouts on top of their crop insurance. It’s time to shut down agribusiness once and for all. Small farms can operate much better in their own regions with less waste, pollution, and taxpayer handouts. End agribusiness.

  3. Let’s not forget to mention the dairy farms are also having to consider culling the numbers of cows they have. It is heart breaking. We are going to be feeling the lack of produce and high prices on dairy products here very soon.

  4. Just came from the store, bought half a gallon milk for 4 dollars, other brands were 7$ for half gallon! Why not drop the price a little? I’d buy a whole gallon.

  5. Excess fruit is being given away for free, packets arrive with signs of 100% extra free. Surely buy one get one free can be presented to consumers regarding milk?? Every penny counts especially at this time when outgoings need to be reduced.

  6. Turn it in to powder milk and sell it to the citizens. This government is evil and stupid people still worship trump hes just another satanic puppet control by higher elites corporations

  7. People are starving around the world. And here they are. Dumping milk on drains.

    This world is truly out of balance.

  8. I want more but these idiots will only let us buy one. I understand not letting people buy 10 gallons at a time right now but they only want us to buy one of what we need. Another problem is this makes us have to go out in the public to the stores more often.


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