1. my country’s first infection was on February 2020 .it’s middle of April and we have 45 deaths and 10,000 infected on nationwide scale

  2. eat yogurt,blueberries,drink warm tea and misoziru and make it a habit washing your hands and gurgling when you get back home from school and outdoors(my Mum will bitchslap us,her kids,if we don’t,since we were little)and wearing a mask with the first sign of a common cold .you will also be frowned at in school and the teacher will reprimand you if you don’t have a hankie and pocket-sized tissues in your pockets that you can take out immediately and use when you feel like coughing or sneezing or blowing your nose .the hankie is a must because we must wash our hands before enjoying our lunch .from nursery,kindergarten until finishing grade school,we havetoothbrush ,toothpaste and cup in school that we use after lunch .when the Saudi media visited my country’s schools,their jaws dropped in amazement

  3. It is very obvious if you look on the map of Russia, Moscow has 4G+ and 5G coverage resulting with very high COVID-19 breakouts of 13,000. On the other hand, Nizhny Novgorod has only 3G and 4G and has virtually no COVID-19 amounting to458. I rest my case!!!

    Russia Braces for Worst as Coronavirus Spreads to Hinterland
    The Moscow Times-Apr 14, 2020
    Moscow, with a population of more than 12 million people, is the coronavirus epicenter in Russia and has so far reported just over 13,000 cases .

    Nizhny Novgorod Oblast


  4. And Why is China building a new football arena amidst covid19 outbreak…?

  5. They need to get Trump on the research team. His uncle was a scientist and he’s a stable ’jenius’. Give him a call.

  6. Create universities and colleges and temp hospitals for corona viruses 🦠 medical 🏥 treatment hubs by the hospitals in the parks and hillside town for batch of 20-50 age group people for 2 months with make shift hospitals

    Hillside towns are best way to create herd immunity that is only way out

    Once the 40-50 % age group immune to viruses then start considering opening up lockdown as it lockdown is working for the virus is waiting to get humans because staying inside is not going fix anything

    The COVID-19 virus is no more infectious or dangerous than other similar viruses.
    The “test” for COVID-19 is not reliable.
    The current lockdown measures are unnecessary.
    Excess mortality rates for COVID-19 are low – or even non-existent.
    Government advice is irrelevant, contradictory and is not being consistently
    applied by the authorities themselves.
    Some group, which includes Bill Gates and his foundation appeared to have
    foreknowledge that a Pandemic would be declared.
    The same group appears to have a “business interest” in a global vaccination
    programme which could be coupled with a “biometric immunity passport” that
    may be used to dictate an individual’s freedom of travel and association.
    The current lockdown and restrictions are an infringement of human rights.
    For more information go to

  8. funny that….. isnt it……. all of a sudden there is a vaccine ‘suddenly’ the quickest ever vaccine ever yeah……. come on people wake up ffs!

  9. what about the testing on humans for a start, which will take way longer as you would have zero data about long term effects etc.

  10. World war III has already begun. It is a war on consciousness. It is now the people against the tyrannical control structures of the technocracy that is attempting to manipulate the psychology and the will of the individual, creating a herd mentality, and suppressing natural intelligence. There are many perplexing narratives which are cascaded throughout various media streams, and these challenge the opinions, beliefs, and perceptions of groups within society. We are being pitted against eachother, encouraged to argue about the semantics of politics, and many other notions, which we are merely intellectually qualified to make sense of. It’s a confusing time. Uncertainty is rife, as we are immersed in a constant and overwhelming deluge of information, which challenges our mental and emotional comfort zones, forcing us to surrender our ability to focus, and we then return to apathy. It’s hard to know what to believe. It’s hard to care for the welfare of our fellow human beings. The technocracy want us to believe this. They want us to believe we have no power. This is how we will lose the war. This is how we will have our rights and civil liberties rewritten for us without consent. You have a mind, you have a heart, and you have a voice. Use them to dispel the illusions which keep us separate, which keep us resonating in tension and fear. The fight is not against each other, it is against a cult who couldn’t care less about our welfare. Our ancestors would march into battle wielding sword and shield. Now the word is the sword and the screen is a shield •={===> a silent weapon for an online war <===}=• love over fear, and love under will.

  11. Hmmm reminds me of the swine flu pandemic hoax of 1976 that lead to speedy vaccine to vaccinate all americans that led to very devastating results of tens of thousands of Americans.

  12. Now we have children showing signs like Kawasaki syndrome via the virus , and no one is coming out a vaccine in a few months it takes years of testing to make sure it is safe and does not react to other vaccines people were given like MMR and the likes .
    And how many times have you heard experts say those words virus strain when it mutates the vaccine is useless because its not in the program ,i wont be taking any free jab i donate mine to the BBC for free !

  13. Real solution BEGINS only by understanding this simple fact https://www.dictionary.com/browse/quarantine

    • yes, because masks constrict your oxygen uptake even more than the 5G destroys our body’s ability to uptake oxygen molecues and plastic gloves pickup even more germs than your hands do.

  14. A list of the many “donations” the Gates Foundation has made to the BBC over the years, from the foundation’s official website. And people seriously expect objective, accurate, unbiased reporting from the BBC (especially as it relates to vaccination and the Gates Foundation in general)?🤣🤣🤣



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