1. just don’t go on a cruise if you can’t have fun. what would be the point? wearing masks and practicing social distancing on the ship. I get it, there’s a pandemic and these people might wanna have fun and forget all about it but now is not the time to go on a cruise and pay that much money to party. throw a party at your own home with your family for free lol

  2. The new world order. Blame everyone else and sue others. They found an attorney that said I can help you get rich. But never told them the truth. It may take 3-8 years And get a verdict as an act of God. Or the cruise line will file a law suit on China and that will delay all proceedings first. Than you have international law and by that time the cruise line will file bankruptcy and bam. Nothing. Bask law 101.

  3. Bravo to the employees 👏🏻 bravo!! I hope they take the company down because they put everyone involved in harms way!

  4. They should have never gone on the cruise in first place! This has been going on since February! They should not blame anyone but themselves!🧐

  5. To begin with… No one “encourage” no one to party!!, second thing: so first she party and enjoy and later she complained?? If she was so worry about the circumstances: why she didn’t contact the press and complain in that exactly moment? why she went to the parties instead of she self isolated in her cabin?? (because, yes, she could do that)… Give me a break! And by the way, as long as I have noticed no one, no even one single person, company, government was ready to deal with a pandemic, no body! they were also, on the road, trying to some how deal with it

  6. We understand that they did crew party in unsuitable situation but crew also have their brains not to get there and follow the social distancing rules and stay in their cabins


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