1. Deport Jeffrey Epstein, gheslane Maxwell, Alan dershowitz and Harvey Weinstein back to Israel too. We dont want the Israeli mossad blackmailing US politicians anymore 🙏🙏

  2. Ⓜ️Yes I agree with liberal democrat Michael Moore who Comes Out of His Basement to Warn Democrats About the November Election. Democrat “Liberal BLM Biden voters” will help President Trump win re-election by a landslide as basement senile Joe Biden refuses to condemn BLM/Antifa radical protestors that are looting and burning 🔥businesses. I totally agree with Liberal Democrat Michael Moore President Trump will win re-election and the rioters will go crazy after he wins. Trump gets my conservative vote 🗳 in November. Most Americans want law and order and don’t want Police 👮🏼‍♀️ defunded. Democrats are the party of lawless radicals an anarchist.

  3. You’re victimizing again Washington Post. How many white males have died in similar fashion? I’ve personally witnessed Police Officers at large sporting events repeatedly strike resisting white males over the head with their batons knocking them unconscious. It shocked me to see it and of course I wondered “if such a beat down was necessary?”

  4. The police behave like fascists . I am sure there are good cops out there, but too many bad. You must get Trump out now. He is too dangerous. He costs a lot of life’s daily


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