1. Trump blame everyone except himself who should have closed the country as soon as corona started to spread to other countries

  2. Please wear a mask!
    Otherwise humanity will perish

    Koreans wear masks for others
    I maybe infected too
    I’m Korean

  3. If u arnt shitting yourself or picking or needing a ventilator. Or if u can sit in car for 4 hrs u probly dont have a bad case of it

  4. people don’t fool yourselves it will go away in april then in july and then? this virus is gonna infect 70% of human population world wide, it is not gonna stop, this pandemic will last at least for seven months, maybe even 12 months

    can’t imagine a quarintine that is 7 months long…or even 1 year long

  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pO01QJSC-TU
    There is More or Less a COVID19 Cure already but the MSM’s & Demo-rats don’t want you to know it

  6. Corona virus: “Oh testing, I’m scared.” Give me a break. Testing doesn’t stop contagion. Let’s relax what we have just used to help control contagion. Next step, let it run it’s course through herd immunity. IOW, the survival of the fittest. Oh yeah, in the meantime still plenty of shortages of protective gear, test, and etc.

  7. If this pandemic is so dire then why is it that Congress is on vacation?
    Why is the MSM focused on blame and doom and gloom? They should be encouraging everyone to work together. They should be showing people building regulators. They should be showing all the Americans who are working to fight and resolve this crisis. Instead, they only have one message. “Orange Man Bad”. President Trumps management of this pandemic has saved tens of thousands of lives. And remember folks, in our nation’s darkest hour, Congress is on extended vacation, gourging themselves on gourmet ice cream and expensive chocolates. They are covering for China and the WHO. Both who tried to cover up the severity of the virus and caused grievous loss of life numbered in the hundreds of thousands worldwide. And acti g like President Trump is not d I ing enough and everything he does is wrong. Plus, Congress used this plight on the American people to give themselves a nice pay raise.

  8. Our we gonna celebrate because we flattend the curve…we have no time to celebrate many people are dying….we are just minimizing it with “flatten”. Ill tell you what, reopen a restaraunt and send your daughter, wife or mother to work in the packed kitchen exposed to mass public gatherings…….now tell me again how “excited” we are to go back to work…your safe in your bubble…People arent excited to go get sick or risk their life…just to make their boss rich. FUSS THAT!

  9. IMO Needs More Testing!! Needs A Second Stimulus To Help American People Get Ahead!! Pay bills get caught up IMO!! Go back to work & then open up Businesses. What’s the purpose opening up Businesses nobody has money to buy sh!t. IMO


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