1. I don’t care how effective Trump thinks a medication is, he’s not a doctor! Interesting how he’s backing a drug that has no proof of working. Hydroxychloroquine is also found to be dangerous for heart patients & people with circulatory issues. And given along side the antibiotic Azithromycin can cause a dangerous arrhythmia to even normally healthy individuals. And if it is used for treating COVID19, patients who need it for autoimmune conditions or milaria could be unable to have their lives saved by their normal prescription for the medication. Not to mention that the trials have been found to be biased & not ethically conducted. Remdesivir sounds much more promising & has doctors behind it trying to research it’s benefits for COVID19, already giving possibility for a treatment. For context, I’m a health scientist. Please note: disrespectful replies will be deleted. I’ve already to delete 15!

  2. Has anyone noticed that if a drug does work the doctors argue about weather to use it or not ? In the mean time thousands are dying. They don’t want it to work. They’re thinning out the population.

  3. Remdesivir + (Steriod+Anesthesia) = Cure for Covid19 😇😇😇

    Why? Because if Remdesivir is showing good signs in fighting the virus, The Steriods will act as anti inflammatory and make the Lungs of the Patient Calm and not over Reacting for fighting the Virus and the Anesthesia will be the pain reliever.

  4. Capricor Therapeutics had an 100% SURVIVAL RATE for critical COVID-19 patients recently. Something very serious to look into here. Please consider this right away!! Could get our economy going!!!!

  5. No need for that chemical stuff, just use ozone therapy and the problem will be solved i think


  6. Please help our country philippines we already have 80k+ covid 19 positive plss im begging you and to all country to help philippines i still dont want to die i want to achieve my dreams and i want to live longer with my family and friends. Plss im begging all countries to help our country 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺 im still a kid with full of dreams that i want to achieve when im already old but how can i achieve it if our country is full of covid 19 patients plssssss give us medecine that can help people to feel better pls to all of those rich country im beggin you to help us
    Thats all thankyou
    Ihope you can recieve my letter to all of those country🥺

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