1. The world is experiencing all the conditions and the many specific events and astronomical signs that were recorded in the Bible indicating the end of the age and Jesus’ promised second coming. Prophecy is about 1/4 of the Bible letting us know what will happen in the future. I have created a space that covers a good portion of them that have come to pass with other resources that are also trying to bring awareness, preparedness, and hope. There are posts there that explain the specific foretold generation that would experience this, the foretold Mark of the Beast that is emerging on the world scene, some foretold astronomical signs, and much more. God bless. https://www.reddit.com/r/prophecy_watcher/

  2. Your either for abortion or 9 month abortions or your against it
    One party is for it and one party is against it
    I’m with the party against it
    God Bless ALL except pedophiles and abusers I always listen to all come to my own decisions

  3. This is a great moment where the right wing Christian groups supported Qanon as if he was on their side overcoming the left and liberals. Now we see the Qanon supporters thinking they are better than god and will start overthrowing the church. The conservatives are starting to eat themselves!

  4. Notice :they always use the word “conspiracy theory “ when they trying to throw you off the right track. Ask wiki leaks these people are liars.

  5. The trafficking and slaughtering of children and people is a dark reality that must be spoken of. If these “evangelicals” refuse to hear the cries and screams of people being butchered they will reap a sure reward for turning a deaf ear on the suffering.


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