1. Excuse me but they are still royals, hence the Duke and Duchess of Sussex (formerly used the titles of HRH). They can not use HRH on business deals. They are still royals!!!

    • consulting insultant really where???? There NOBODYS here in California and in the U.K. So if you saw them would you really drop down to them or Meg-HO? Down on one knee?

  2. A formal royal that doesn’t need crown or tiara to help others in need. That was why we their super fans loved them. They are two amazing individuals. Thanks our Duke and Duchess of heart 👋🏽👋🏽👋🏽⭐️⭐️⭐️❤️❤️❤️

    • Iyabo obidare-giwa thanks for WHAT????? Passing out a few boxes that were premade up They DIDN’T even donate $1.00 and you get all mushy for passing out a box of food You must be board

    • How are they former royals? Explain that! Harry and Archie are royals for life and so is Meghan unless she divorces Harry. GET COMMON SENSE AND STOP REPEATING RUBBISH FROM THE LYING PRESS.

  3. I seen that video on TMZ their still at work..It was wonderful seeing the 2 of them again. 🤗🤗🤗🤗
    Walking this time without security detail..Faces covered an both in regular clothes jeans an shirt LOVED IT!!

    • @Shirley Beaverly Alright thanks for clearing that for me. When I looked at the video again. There was 2 SUV’S together. Guess I was so glad to see them again out and about. I just happened to overlooked that part.🤗

  4. ABC sucks, fake news. They are not former Duke and Duchess you morons.
    Go back to race baiting, it’s the only thing you’re good at.

    • @Tim Evans No, I meant what I said and if I was thinking of anyone else it would be the Clinton’s and their 14 Billion Dollar Ripe off of Haiti and their trafficking of Children… Dumbocrat.

    • @Bobby RJJPD well you seem a little confused (feel free to replace that with ignorant ) , but honestly between Trump ripping off children’s charities for personal portraits and low end I.Q trumptards ( such as yourself) feeling the necessity to put children in cages , is it any wonder the validity of your opinion even matters?

    • @John Bran Again, that is the sort of thing she was expected to wear. If she hadn’t the criticism would have been even worse. I know it’s hard to believe. Check out what Harry’s cousins, the princesses have worn. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JVpGs07J72U

    • @Carolyn Wood oh I know they all still wear those ugly hats in the “”Royalty”. The entire Royal family, kings and queens malarkey, is completely bogus and needs to die. Its really bogus

    • @Mr Greaves Isn’t that the Truth. I will never understand why people are so rude and disrespectful in the comments. Keep telling them. I will do the same.

    • It was not meant to be a publicity event. Did you see Meghan going to the Grenfell center the six months before the plan for the cookbook was announced?
      Are you that stupid and just repeat the ignorance of others to make yourself seem intelligent?

  5. Whaaaaaat… royals that serve an actual purpose??? Diana would be proud that one of her sons followed the loving example she set. No wonder Mama Windsor hated Diana so much…Diana had a ❤️.

  6. They are still royals. It is Harry’s birthright. They are still Duke and Duchess of Sussex – Not Former… Propagating incorrect information is very unfortunate for the public.

  7. Best wishes in their endeavors. May God heal all the sick😁…. by giving the knowledge for one of us to do so.

  8. My, she sure looks beautiful in that green dress and what a smile. No wonder Harry fell for her. I think it’s a beautiful thing that they are independent and are helping people in their own way. I hope they have a wonderful life together and have beautiful babies.

  9. eating meat spreads the virus. If a factory worker is infected the meat you buy will also be infected and it will infect you before you cook it. Don’t buy meat! Harry’s father is infected with the virus!!!

  10. It was wonderful seeing the 2 of them again. Walking this time without security detail..Faces covered an both in regular clothes jeans an shirt LOVED IT!!

  11. WTF? They are still Duke and Duchess and Harry is still a Prince. They are members of the royal family and he is still in line for the throne. The only former is that they are former full-time working royals. That’s it. This title is so rude. Change it. They also still retain ALL of their titles officially but simply will not use any titles other than Duke or Duchess for now in conducting business or charity work.

    • They do not have to try to be relevant. Meghan was social conscious relevant from middle school. She was doing TV interviews from 11. She has appeared on numerous talk shows long before she married Harry and she ran the TIG with over 4 mill followers. Media follows Meghan she does not have to try . Don’t you have the common sense to understand that or are you only able to repeat the ignorance of others? Think! Think if you can

  12. The public eventually will get a sense of reality. Harry will be a corporate go between. Meghan will act occasionally. Pretty normal for many in that strata.

  13. Uggh these two need to go away! Thought they said they would never live in the U.S ?! Whatever happened to that rant !

  14. What a load of BS. It’s just publicity to keep in the public eye. I hope they get what they claim they want. Total irrelevant anonymous lives.

    • Are you a fool? Meghan and Doria was doing this when Meghan was 10 years old, Meghan did the same while at Northwestern and while in Toronto. Why do uninformed IDIOTS like to spread LIES and NEGATIVITY?

  15. This journalist is an idiot. They are ROYALS. Harry is a royal for life. They step back from the duties of senior royals. Can’t you guys get it right! GEEZ!

  16. What’s the claim to fame here? Being Kardashian like? ABC News (entertainment) loves celebrity worship. Would have been more interesting hearing about who they helped instead of the photo OP.


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