• The challenges faced in the meat plant may also be occurring in facilities that produce non meat products, let’s not loose focus. The challenge is maintaining healthy and safe practices in the production of food and learnings from the meat industry may be transferable. And yes I am an individual that does not eat meat or dairy.

    • Stranger Toons It’s got feck all to do with being Vegan, in fact while folk are static at home, too much meat will cause belly ache…

  1. An it’s going to be clusters in the seaboard triumph plant in Iowa. just got it first case with over 1200 people during a shift

  2. They only get $17 an hour? No wonder there are so many billionaires over there. Here in Australia you could get between $25-$32 average for that sort of work. A small percent of people in america have all the money

    • @Always On Da Move Before the China trade war, it was 1USD = 1.25AUD.
      Plus Australia has super contributions of 9.5%, guaranteed sick pay, holiday pay and free medical care for all.

    • @Phillip Leong Yeah how long does it take to get an elective surgery? Over a year? When we’re not in a health crisis you can get it in a matter of weeks. Not to mention we have the most cutting-edge medical technology on the planet.

    • @Matthew Walton Depending on the category
      level 1- 30 days
      level 2 – 90 days
      level 3 – 365 days
      But most have health insurance.
      As for your cutting-edge tech, that is only for the top 1%. This outbreak has clearly shown the world your health system is third world standards.

    • Yeah but that’s misleading because the cost of living in Australia is very so people have to make that much to afford to live decently there

    (ɪ’ᴍ ɢɪŦᴛɪɴɢ ᴇᴠᴇʀʏᴏɴᴇ ᴡʜᴏ 𝘚ᴜʙ𝘚 ᴛᴏ ᴍᴇ)🛎


  5. I want to start a band called COVID 19. We will do a lot of drugs before every show and drink all night until morning and do that every day!!! Right now I’m smoking the 🌿 that came from my stimulus. Can’t wait for my next payment… thanks trump!!!!!!

  6. I work at a Nestle foods plant, we’ve been using social distancing, temperature checks and masks since early March. On top of that we too have an excellent sanitation and QA department that make sure the factory is held to the highest standards of cleanliness. The USDA also does walk through daily and nightly. After all this being said, this is a factory of roughly 2000 people and it’s still a scary thought that this Virus is affecting every community and it’s very possible my factory could be next. I’ll continue to work because I have to provide for my family, I’m proud to be considered an essential worker knowing I’m helping feed America and the rest of the world.

    • Stupid your great grandfather was illegal racist fool.. you stole this land and you say their illegal immigrants.. your a goofy duck..

  7. 600! And people said we are fine. One person infected can turn to 500 real fast. Have you heard of patient 31 in Korea? A lot of people are like that and some need to go out to feed their family.

  8. My employer in Illinois which is a big chain, my boss gets upset if someone comes in and has to clock out if they have a fever or if someone needs to stay home our hours get cut drastically if we don’t come in. Someone was quarantined and the owner got upset bc they posted on social media they were sick. It’s not right. I know this doesn’t just happen where I am. I have 2 children and am single and due to me taking time off bc I didn’t want to expose myself when I had bronchitis, I’ve gone from working 40 plus hours, to being a cover if someone calls in. 1 day a week. All rebuttals from trying to protect myself and family. Tg I received stimulus but that will only pay maybe 2 months of bills.(just bills, no food) thanks for taking care of us when all I’ve done is work since I was 12.

  9. God bless. Love pork but I’ll do without if its hurting others. Please to the company to hire them back when this is over

  10. South Dakota has been infecting the Chicken sent all over the United States killing people.
    South Dakota should be fined for not shutting down and taking Coronavirus serious.

  11. hey republicans, don’t you think this is a good time to deport all those illegals working at the farms? you know where they are … what are you waiting for? LOL go deport them I dare you.

  12. South Dakota is a honeypot for Illegal Immigrant workers.
    How far does that woman sound like she has traveled for that job??

  13. TAKE ALL THIS KABAL DOWN RIGHT NOW! LET’S KEEP SPREAD THE TRUTH EVERYWHERE !!!! https://youtu.be/86VJlhw0DQQ – Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai

  14. Smithfield should’ve been doing what Purdue is doing…. but Smithfield has changed hands and is owned by a Chinese firm.. sooooo closing the doors for them wasn’t an option they were going to take….. just sad😞

  15. 1:00 ironic that they’re in fear of their lives knowing the amount of fearful lives they take. I see this no different than a dog meat market worker saying he’s afraid to catch a virus and or die when his job is to kill…

  16. i am a useless person with no job but essential workers are okay to work and get covid 19. goodluck to pork i want bacon!

  17. the hole in my butt itches…is that a symptom of covid 19 or can i just scratch it? i want a job in the meat industry please like eating meat. gimme some horse meat cause i am tired of rabbit.

  18. I work at Tyson foods on a line as well. Fortunately for us, they are giving us mask everyday and we now have those plastic wrappers that separate each person on the lines

  19. Please help.
    I’m just a little woman and I’m from South Korea.
    Korean people experienced rigged election of 21th National Assembly,, 15th April 2020.

    Also I experienced rigged election in 19th President election of South Korea.

    There were two ballot receipts.

    One had narrow box but other one had wide box.

    It was unfair to old people and even I was so hard to stamp.

    At that time, some people said about that but they jailed by National Election Commission of South Korea.

    No one in members of the National Assembly of South Korea was on our side.

    Now we, South Koean people saw again rigged election of 21th National Assembly.

    The box of ballot receipts were changed and some one stole our right and liberty.

    Please, help us.

    Please, help us to save our democracy and freedom.

    The freedom is not just ours but also the allied forces’ of 16 nations sent by the United Nations

    The allied forces’ blood made democracy and freedom of South Korea.

    Please, help us again.

    Thank you.

  20. “Former employee at pork plant shut down due to COVID-19 talks about why she quit” is more succinctly “COVID-19 outbreak in South Dakota where there’s no formal ‘stay at home’ order.”

  21. I want to see inside the building. And see why they can’t social distancing. I work on the line in pork processing plant also. We have more then nuf room. Only thing changed for us was lunch get 45 min instead of 30. And the cafeteria closed. That’s the difference between working for family owned state of the art plant vs Chinese owned plant

  22. If people own weapons like Hunter’s do. We will never starve or go hungry looking at what is going on you people who don’t hunt or fish thinking that hunting is wrong you are kind of SCREWED= A potentially compromised FOOD chain,mega long lines high prices for food, shortages=TOTAL SUCKS To Be YOU!!

  23. Does Smithfield offshore profits to China to avoid Federal, state, local taxes?
    Will they pay cost of outbreaks to all affected families and businesses in these communities?
    Will they be sued for damages?

  24. Some mothers, fathers, single parente, single couples and one person only have this low job to put food on their table. Those who say bad things and earn better why don’t you take a little of your money and food and go to their houses to help them? I am sure you do not know what hungry and have no income to pay bills feels like. My respect for all these workers around the world. I have done that job today my income is higher and I have a carrier but not all us can have that.

  25. By not issuing a stay at home order, the Governor put Essential workers at risk. If 1 of those essential workers comes in contact with a non-essential worker who contracted disease then it will spread at the plant.

  26. Smithfield Food is owned by the WH Group, a chinese company.
    The Smithfield workers should sue the WH Group for damages.


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