1. Two words: FARADAY BAG!

    Buy one now, avoid the rush!

    Turn off your phone whenever out and about, AND, put it in a Faraday bag. You’d have to be pretty dull to not realize this is not about the Coronavirus.

  2. Is this leading up to a one world government where we will be tracked and controlled? Fear is the currency of control

  3. New Ad slogans for these two:
    Apple – (Don’t) Think Different (In a Surveillance State)
    Google – Don’t (Just) Be Evil, (Be As Evil As You Can Be)

  4. There getting you ready to be a slave to your smart phone. This is all part of their agenda, coronavirus was just the way in. This is the part where I pet goat two begins, good luck.🍀

  5. Google and YouTube have been blocking the coronavirus speaking to try to save face with China most likely they got a huge payout but I find it very funny and odd that Google and YouTube are not even allowed in China for Chinese use so I would hope that that payout only buy so much protection before the truth comes out and if it doesn’t than both Google and YouTube need to be broken up cuz they are breaking Americans 2nd Amendment and they are both American companies witch is a crime!

  6. South Korea had 18 new cases as April 18 2020 (Saturday over there), and 2 (count all two) deaths.

    Yep. That’s NOT a typo.

    Where are you seeing these numbers on our national news? You’re not. I tune into asian pacific national news networks via youtube. Look up Arirang on there, and watch a few videos.. like the one this week where they ALL WENT TO VOTE IN PERSON, safely. President Moon was just re-elected, in a land slide with UNUSUALLY HIGH VOTER TURN OUT!

    Here? We are delaying our voting dates, running around in circles with absentee ballots, and generally acting like raving lunatics with all the paranoia and conspiracy theories surrounding it all.

    How did Korea do it?

    Korea has been using EMIE based mobile device and credit card based contact tracing since the 3rd week of February.

    Until countries replicate S. Korea’s EMIE Mobile device contact tracing system, they will never be able to flatten the spread of Co vid1 -9. What’s sad is 5EYES nations, (US, Canada, UK, NZ, Oz) should already have this capability, used for tracking terrorists. we know this thanks to Edward Snowden’s leaks back in 2013. They have had the capability since then.

    Korea’s flattening is attributed directly to the use of EMEI based Mobile device contact tracing.

  7. Apple and Google are already tracking us. The government buys data from these companies, claiming that we allowed nm them to do this. Now, they are going to rat people out for being too close to anyone they suspect to be unhealthy. WTF! Are you kidding? Then what? Arrest? Forced quarantine? Forced immunizations? This is dangerous. Sadly, everyone in Congress has been bought off. There’s no one to represent us.

  8. There’s video they are tracking movements to keep track of people moving and how far they are going,so it goes deeper

  9. Looks like instead of just hearing about the mark of the beast, this is the time it’s going to come true and we are going to witness it as it happens.

  10. Strange headline the issue mentioned in it was not mentioned by the congressman. For anyone curious: At first it will be an “app” but they are already saying they eventually plan for it to be built into the operating systems meaning you can’t opt out. Glad I never got a smartphone.

    Don’t get a smartphone.

  11. Every country needs help from WHO like for curing disease. If you don’t like the leader of WHO try to replace with someone. Not just withdrawl fund. You guys are just racist dumb network, fox!

  12. Bloomberg is investing $10 million into tracking software. Imagine how much he will abuse that type of access in the everyday lives of private citizens.


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