• @Steven 👎🏼
      I live in Los Angeles, Newsom did a great job! He shut everything down when practically no other state was doing it!
      A lot of people including myself though it was a little bit extreme at the time. Now looking back I thank God I’m not running the country! He’s not perfect but he’s got my vote!

    • @antoine How much brain matter did you have to use to concoct that comment? The same brain matter that has you believing this SCAMDEMIC!! Lemming…

    • @steven I’m an INDEPENDENT here in California. Democrats down here are lemmings and cowards. Wouldn’t move a muscle if one of there own family was being raped in front of them. They’d just hashtag MeToo instead. COWARDS!!

    • liberals hate america so governors like this cuck can pass a bill to spend 130 million dollars to help illegal immigrants in their state instead of spending that on their on citizens , yup , they love america .

  1. This isn’t fair at all, but I know my family will have earlier access than many who may need it more. I would forgo my own (I’m in excellent health and relatively young) but, I probably wouldn’t pass my family over. It’s not a fair world and it would add insult to injury for me to fake it now.

  2. Let me paraphrase.

    Vice: Whatcha gonna do?
    Newsome: I dono.
    Vice: (alright! we make another buck. We gonna exploit the s**t outta this opportunity!)

  3. Why are we acting stupid, we already know who’s going to get the vaccine first. It’s not going to be the normal everyday American, I tell you that.

  4. Fauci did a study that showed the effectiveness of Hydroychloroquine.
    This ass has not followed the millions who have died due to CV vaccines.

  5. Okay, wait a second Governor Gavin! So California, allegedly the richest state in the union, by the way that draws a 1/3 of the countries welfare assistance. Is complaining about going from a 3 class society to a 2 class society. Then you go into speak about 52 week paychecks to 104 week pay checks. So if these things are so important to you, as you speak about them constantly. Why is it, that you and the California state legislature and federal congressional members haven’t done anything in your state to correct that issue. Why is it, California has the highest homeless rate in the country? Why is it California has some of the worst infrastructure in the country. Exactly where does all this tax revenue go? Where does all the federal funding go? As far as applications of a vaccine, it is simple. The standard triage guidelines shall apply, example the elderly and infants, healthcare workers and emergency responders, chronically ill and disabled, then the rest of the citizens. This is simple ethical triage.

    • California also pays more in federal taxes yearly(90 billion avg.) Then any other state. Which then goes to federal funding for poor states like Alabahma, texas, Louisiana, Mississippi and all those inbred white supremacists areas.

  6. I’m done with all this shit! If it go’s past this month I’m opting out of all the BS & going completely rouge, I am NO ones sheep!

    • This could last until the fall. Originally the estimate said 6 months to a year. Unfortunately after hearing that people panic bought which threatened to destabilize the supply chains. Once we started to take this in 3 week blocks the market stabilized (I’m talking supermarket supply chains). Unfortunately we cannot be given an accurate estimate because people will panic buy again and it risks more than just the curve.

      Edit: Not to say that they are not trying to be accurate and local government is doing their best to update their people

  7. If Mexico can send us their illegals
    Why don’t we send them our hobos and drug addicts?
    For real
    Why do they have to stay here?
    That doesn’t seem like a bad trade.

  8. We all need to do our part to stop health disparity. I’m dressing up as a friendly ghost to spook people into staying home and targeting minority areas as they are the most effected. Costume is a simple white bedsheet, pointed top, and crudely cut holes for the eyes. We go out in groups of 20-30 young healthy men and scream “Minorities Go Home”, “Minorities Go Home”. People run but they’ll thank us later. We also bring with us a burning cross in the back of a pickup to shine gods love in these dark times.

  9. California will show Michigan how to act during pandemic. You trump losers need to get real. Take care of yourself and stay six feet away idiots.

    • I’m about to get kicked off I s’pose, so I’ll stop. People with random completely unreadable comments and no likes, trying not to be read, you darling Trump propagandists that may or may not exist, answer. People who dislike bots, do this with other comment sections. Ruin ’em.

  10. Stop acting like you caught a politician youtubers, the dude doesn’t have a complete answer yet and is still conversating about how they decide that. The answer is “we don’t know and are trying to figure that out”. I hope its elderly and those with underlying health conditions and I think they will come to that conclusion.

  11. The governor of California is a hypocrite. He has one of the largest homeless populations in the USA:

    “7,044 were family households, 10,980 were Veterans, 11,993 were … young adults (aged 18-24), and 41,557 were individuals experiencing chronic homelessness.

    Instead of providing them with affordable housing he’s dispersing the homeless throughout the state and Into low middle class neighborhoods where they still remain homeless. Yet on the surface it looks like there’s less homeless people in LA.

    The governor is a joke.

  12. It’s funny that he knew he was talking to Vice so he catered his answer to them talking about how minorities are always victims, just like Vice preaches.

  13. just because there’s a vaccine doesn’t mean that much because 1. everyone has a choice to get the vaccine 2. the flu has a vaccine but people still get other strains of flu 3. Newsom screwed up because he lost jobs rather than created them and PREVENTED ILLNESSES IN EARLY FEBRUARY when he should have had public service announcements educating people about washing hands, wearing masks, etc. Hire people to deliver masks and hand sanitizers to schools, send nurses to educate schools, hand out masks at city halls etc. 4. shutting down the government should be the last thing to do if the virus couldn’t be contained but he shut it down with no deaths on March 4.

  14. I don’t need some comi from Cali telling me how to live. In Texas we paid off our national debt and actually generate a surplus for federal government. We’re tired of paying for cali’s stupid social safety nets for it only to backfire and create massive homelessness (1/3 of all homeless live in California).We don’t have two classes here, we have three and we don’t embrace Hollywood class either so keep ur shit to yourself Gavin Shitstick

  15. Words are cheap. In fact they are practically for free. You can’t judge a politician by what mouth noises they’ve made. You judge them by their voting record, and what specific policies they’ve made sacrifices for.
    Common garbage grade politicians say absolutely nothing with a lot of nice sounding words, but ultimately fight for nothing, besides their own career.


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