1. Experts lol. Were these the same experts you had on 2 months ago saying don’t be racist, go hug a chineese person?

    • The experts have been telling everyone to stay away from each other and from traveling when this started. Where have you been getting the news? Facebook?

  2. These “Health Experts” aren’t considering another risk of not reopening the U.S., our mental health. Who else has been feeling depressed because they can’t interact with their friends and coworkers, or because they have nothing to do with themselves?

  3. I just watched an interview of a French virology expert posted on Youtube entitled: “Professeur Luc Montagnier: Le virus Covid 19 est une manipulation humane”. I urge the national media to interview this French professor.

  4. Did you know you can die of fear? Most doctors don’t tell you that. Jesus said, I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life. No one comes to the Father except through Me. John 14:6. Jesus, the Good Doctor.

  5. We should reopen the states. We need to build an immunity to the virus. If you are not strong enough then natural selection will take its course.

  6. Nearly all of the deaths in the union have been among those retired, near the age of retirement or around the life expectancy. Those in their thirties/ forties who’ve died have underlying conditions. A vast majority of the working class, of working age Americans have very little to no risk at all from this virus. They say this opening needs to be days driven, then look at the numbers.

  7. we cannot reopen for about 1-2 years!!!  Please we need to stay closed so don’t be selfish about “losing your job/livelihood”  please let the country stay closed for at least 2 years it protect us!  Money will not help you if you get sick and die!

  8. A CDC microbiologist wears an air-tight, full-body pressurized suit to work with dangerous viruses in one of the agency’s biosafety level 4 labs.


    After meat-eater caused this corona covid 19 virul plague outbreak i want ALL hospital employees to wear these body suits . it should be the rule of the hospitals in order for employees to work there . employees at hospitals should be fired if they don’t wear their air body suits .

  9. Let you all know something now…..if there would be a modern day depression and the economy would crash….this virus is gonna be the least of people’s problems.

    Either way the media is gonna blame trump. If people get sick they gonna blame him. If the economy crashes, people gonna blame him.

    I don’t know a single person that could do any better.

  10. Mainstream media may want to start putting out information to help the American people prepare, get facts straight on how the virus is transmitted and how to protect against contracting the virus.

  11. Is anyone else fed up with listening to self-important whining liberal imbeciles pontificate about stuff they know NOTHING ABOUT? I sure am – every little peon is now some sort of an expert. SHUT UP, MORONS!

  12. This is not a pandemic it’s called the scam demek can’t believe people are complying when they’re robbing you blind taking your liberties and bankrupting your businesses and all these so-called experts are lying to everyone about that trades and the dangers of the coronavirus says it’s all bull crap he will need to resist

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