1. 179 healthy pets put down. It’s absolutely upsetting seeing healthy animals that can have a happy life be put down to sleep.

  2. But again saving wild life is amazing. People should stop polluting the world. They should think about the wild life and the resources. With out animals and water or oceans we wouldn’t have fish to eat or food. Pelicans help keep the waters from over population of fish.

  3. Me:thinks this was a issue before

    Me:sees when it was posted*

    Me:damnnnnnnnn 2020 is really the worst

    Me:sees the original broadcast*


  4. It wasn’t only bp, or no. USA would only report that as one of their biggest companies was leaking even more than bp, but British petroleum is not a USA company and we all know how USA would blame anyway else. BP had a problem but do not hide your own dirty house by putting flowers around, still smell of sh**

  5. and this is why microsoft sam disses bp for life for their incident with these pelican animals
    Microsoft sam: seriously Screw you bp!


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