1. Oh no, wicked evil Trump is trying to open up the economy again and make it legal for people to go to work again…

  2. Our lives literally depend on voting this mofo, and all his toadies, out of government, forever, and keeping religion out of policy making, as the Constitution specifically indicated.

    • S Steelhead
      What did Trump do now? He travel ban early China in January gave all the PPE needed exposing WHO/China Collusion… While Democrats were drumming for the pro China, Pelosi and her goons going to Chinatown not caring about social distancing telling everyone travel etc.

      Now they’re blaming Trump, HYPOCRITES💥

    • I am from Germany. Hey..Washington Post…. you are stating 1.19 Mio Subscribers. But ….. 350 Views. I am some kind of stupid. But how does the number of subscribers can match with that low numbers of view?

      What about this world famous newspaper? I am over 60 years old. What’s going on in America? I am so proud about the Americans have brought democracy to Germany. But the brought Democracy is actually turning right away into Facismn. See what’s going on in Germany. It’s a mess. Stabbing, robbering, raping…. and America doesn’t have a look at all this. I grew up in the 60’s. A wonderful time. Many thanks to America for this so beautiful time here in Germany. God bles you all the Americans that time

  3. trump’s strategy is to have everyone who can to get Covid-19 as soon as possible. Those who will die should go ahead and do so at home without a test so he can keep the numbers low, amd he thinks we will have herd immunity- a term for the flu, which is what trump thinks Covid-19 is. Immunity from Covid-19 lasts two to four months. About those vaccines he promised in a couple of months, even showing a fake video of vaccine testing before Covid-19 had been isolated. If they work at all, which in the USA is doubtful, immunity would only be for 2-4 months. Need a shot every two months? In the USA those shots will undoubtedly cost over a thousand dollars each. King trumpy.

  4. Hey..Washington Post…. you are stating 1.19 Mio Subscribers. But ….. 350 Views. I am some kind of stupid. But how does the number of subscribers can match with that low numbers of view?

  5. Riddle me this: if you’re so willing to ‘open up’ the economy, which of your relatives and friends are you willing to sacrifice? If you can’t name any, how do you have the right to make those decisions for anyone else? Did it occur to you that a good number of people are not willing to assume the posture? Additionally, do have the forwarding address for the Easter bunny (I can’t find Cadbury Eggs)?

    • Genius1107 there’s plenty of jobs opened up . Amazon, fast food , grocery stores , whole sales clubs all need more workers now than ever .

    • Let’s analyze this . So far the only persons stating this grand sacrifice are congressional leaders who pretty much have their own health system. Or are very wealthy and more than likely have a reserve of land thousands of acres in size. Maybe even have a missile silo to take refuge in. I guess my point is they are all talking a game without thinking they will ever participate in it. That may be what kushner meant when he said the national reserve stock was theirs. These self proclaimed martyrs are in their own actions hoping that no one will notice five years from now that they are alive and well..

  6. Is better save !!!the president know what his doing 2020 thank u 🙏 trump god bless u n those who are in heaven course of this virus 🦠 we all pray amen!!!!!

  7. The economy will not improve by putting people back to work during the spreading of the corona virus and killing a lot of the working class people, and it will not help your election Mr. President. Use some common sense.

  8. Better yet if they are so ready to die for the economy. They should volunteer to work food lines. Help the staff of nursing homes.

  9. between in trup and biben who will be to your trust to put on the hope to criminally accountable for coronavirus spreader ? do not trust Biden that he will do for his son to insider trade to sell US benefits to coronavirus spreader of China

  10. China-falsified their reports and blames U.S military.
    U.S-over 20,000 Deaths. Restock shelves and sent medical ships. Highest Coronavirus cases.
    Biden: President Trump is not doing enough!
    Rachel Maddow: He didn’t send the medical ships!
    Pelosi, and the NYC official: He has blood on his hands!
    Media: Stop calling the Chinese virus, it is racist! Pence is anti science fanatic! It’s the president fault for a guy drinking a fish cleaner!
    Twitter: He called it a Liberal Democrat hoax!
    Democrats: blocks the Coronavirus aid Bill

    *What the ACTUAL heck? Not able to criticize China?*

  11. After reopening the death rate will become less. There is no single proof that a virus exists at all. Panic is the virus and the death rates are counterfeit anyway.

  12. our country cannot handle another 4 years with this imbicile in office. he is single handedly destroying american and the foundation that of which our country was formed on. mark my words we will become a communist nation if trumps remains.

  13. I always wondered what would happen when that fantasy curve of American Exceptionalism collides with that reality curve.

  14. Doing a good job as President involves reopening the economy. …Does it matter if doing a good job will help one’s political ambitions?

    Hopefully all politicians go by that metric. Yet y’all are attacking him for that guess of yours.

  15. Highly contagious.
    …”These results confirm that COVID-19 patients have live virus in stool specimens, which is a new finding in the transmission routes of 2019-nCoV. In addition to close contact and contact with respiratory secretions of patients, the virus can also be transmitted through the potential fecal-oral route. This means that stool samples may contaminate hands, food, water, etc., and may cause infection by invading the oral cavity, respiratory mucosa, conjunctiva, etc. This virus has many routes of transmission, which can partially explain its strong transmission and fast transmission speed. This study also verified that the nucleic acids of 2019-nCoV can be detected from stool samples (2).

    This finding has important public health significance. Suggestions to strengthen the control of fecal oral transmission of 2019-nCoV include strengthening health publicity and education; maintaining environmental health and personal hygiene; drinking boiled water, avoiding raw food consumption, and implementing separate meal systems in epidemic areas; frequently washing hands and disinfecting of surfaces of objects in households, toilets, public places, and transportation vehicles; and disinfecting the excreta and environment of patients in medical facilities to prevent water and food contamination from patients’ stool samples.”
    From CCDCWeekly paper- Authors Yong Zhang et all

  16. Jeff Bezos, who is the richest man in the World, whose net worth is approximately
    $143,100,000,000 ($143.1 Billion) owns the Washington Post. Multi-Billionaire
    Bezos pays writers at the Washington Post to attack President Trump. Those
    attacks usually come in the guise of “Fake News” which essentially is nothing
    more than an organized campaign of lies and innuendos. It is patently apparent
    that anyone who allows themselves to be bought and turned into a weapon of hate
    speech has absolutely zero ethics or credibility as a journalist.
    The Washington Post is the perfect example of fake news, and Jeff Bezos is why that is.

  17. This is just this guy’s opinions! These are not facts. You’re spreading propaganda. You should be ashamed of yourself! That is.. if you have any.

  18. Hahah when have Simpson been wrong USA is going to end up like the tRump plaza schedule for demolition!!! He will handle this Country in ashes and I hope history don’t be kind to this Clown ans its Circus

  19. The only way to get economy on right track and America get into prosperity is to abolish Rothschild owned Central Bank known by the name as Federal Reserve Bank have Congress take back the power to issue currency backed by precious metal gold or silver and end up this crap about corona virus. Sooner the American people realise that and demand it the better they will be of otherwise it will be more of the same bullshit and American people will be loosing more and more of their rights and freedoms and they will not have nobody to blame but themselves.

  20. what these moreoffs fail to recognize is that when Trump prospers we all prosper. With Demon-Rats prosper we loose because they build nothing and only take take take. Including taking White House Silverware on their way out.

  21. I’m still thinking about the screenshots of the hospitals in New York using CPR dummies as coronavirus victims. Wtf???


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