1. I don’t know … I’m kinda torn between Billy’s Project 315 and Ja Rule’s Tax Services … Both seem like promising scams w/ potential for great damages. 😌

  2. He started to sell fraudulent tickets to Coachella and other big events while being out on bail. So imagine him starting a nonprofit charity while in prison and not taking any of the donated money.

  3. lol yeah right. Last place I’d be donating money to. If he wants to help then his face shouldn’t be the face behind this.

  4. Give this guy a break. I think he is doing the right thing and he is in a place where he can’t get away with an operational scam of this magnitude

  5. What’s happening INSIDEstupidity?
    Where’s Ur favorite SCAMMER drOz?
    Keep featuring him so U can help him SELL SCAM SUPPLEMENTS 😜🤪🤣💯👎

  6. Best not to waste your time and money on this cause its another scam waiting to happened and he’s planning to use that money to escape

  7. Food charities for families starving during the covid crisis is way Way more deserving then convicted felons needs. that’s where my money goes!


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